3 masks to reduce sunburn of face


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In the Western countries, Santadook is very much liked, on the other hand, in our countries and South Asian countries, Santan is known as one of the problems. Besides, harmful ultraviolet ray skin in the sun damages the skin. There is no sound to say ‘healthy tan’. But the good news is that some home-made face masks are released from sunburn in the sun during some time period.

The benefits of anti-tan face masks are that it fades skin tan, apart from the black spots on the face, removes blimyesas and makes the skin brighter and lively.

This anti-tension facial mask can be made with some of the components available at our hands. You can use any of these three as per your choice. But why not use it, do not expect to get results very soon. Relief from burnt skin is a matter of time-consuming.

Face mask-1

Whatever it takes:

Aloe vera jail
sour yogurt

Take two table spoons on a bowl. Mix one tablespoon of equal quantity of teaspoon yogurt. Do not mix any flavored yogurt. Aloe vera gel mix with one table spoon. Now mix all the ingredients together and paste it together. Paste the mouth, hands and feet. If you dry up, remove it lightly. Then wash it with cold water. Thus, this mask can be used once or twice a week.

Face mask-2

Whatever it takes:

Rabbit juice
Lemon juice
rose water
Take one tablespoon of rabbit juice in a bowl. Add two table spoons of lemon juice. Mix one table spoon rose water at the end. Please wait 15 to 20 minutes by placing this mixture in the affected area. Then wash it. Use more than once a week for better results.

Face mask-3

Whatever it takes:

Seasoned tomatoes
Plain Yogurt
Lemon juice

Bring a tomato and make it blender. Day with one tablespoon plain yogurt and one tablespoon lemon juice. Then make a paste by blending it. Use it regularly to get results similar to other face masks. In this case you can use two to three times a week. Use long patience to get the desired results.

The main thing to say is that it is better to prevent it before it becomes a problem. So stay alive as much as possible from sunlight, especially from mid-afternoon sunshine. Also use good quality sunscreen. The Sun Protection Factor means SPF30 or more. Along with this, you can wear long armor, sunglasses and hats. If you want, you can also keep a small umbrella in the bag.