3 Natural Face Masks For Instant Glow


Format_2_ 3 masks for instant glow

Format_2_ 3 masks for instant glow(1)

Format_2_ 3 masks for instant glow(2)


If you looked at yourself in the mirror in the morning the skin looks dirty, dark skin, black skin coloring for coming and showing telatela mood is bad, then manatai. Especially if the day is a festival or ceremony. Many people simply do not know too quick guide to increasing the brightness of the skin. But you can easily increase the brightness of the skin immediately, it can be overcome with the sign of the skin. What do you think? So let’s take a very simple ways to learn.

1) lemon and honey mask
Take 1 tablespoon honey, 1 tablespoon of lemon to remove very well mixed. Then this mixture well and apply the skin. Take a 5 minute massage. After the 15 minutes of the day. After 15 minutes, wash the skin with cold water. Lemon and honey skin bleach skin increases the brightness of the skin brightness can bring immediate mayesacaraija skin.

2) tomato mask
Do not worry if you do not house, lemon or honey. Do you have tomatoes? This would be quite a good job. A medium-sized tomato cut in the middle part of dukhanda smudge the skin better. Thus, the skin and rub it well over 15 minutes a day to work. Then wash skin well with cold water. Tomato skin bleaching material will bring instant brightness. The sign of weariness will disappear.

3) rice flour and milk mask
Take 3 tablespoons rice flour. The amount of milk, make a thick paste. If you want to use powdered milk guri equivalent amount of milk mixed with water to create a paste and remove. Take the skin of the blend. 1520 minutes in the finger smudge on the skin better. As a result of the storm will be automatically mask rub. Accumulated dirt and dead skin cells on the surface of the skin so it will increase immediately.