3 reasons why you should keep your ATM slips

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The over-flowing bins in ATMs, filled with crumbled or torn ATM slips, would always make you think whether you should throw the slips or keep them. Well, after reading this post, you will never even think of throwing them away.

1. It serves as your proof of transaction

Going to the bank to update your passbook is a passé. If you want to know about your transactions, the ATM slips would always come handy as a proof . The ATM works on a software, with high chances of errors. And in case of a problem, the bank would require your transaction receipt to rectify the error. You can recycle them later on.

2. Dangers of being misused

There is a safety element in your ATM slips. When you throw away your slips, there are high chances of them getting into wrong hands. And you may never know where your money would go as some crooks secretly stealing from your account. So, you can keep prying eyes away by quietly slipping the slip into your pocket and secure your account too.

3. Aiding Cyber Crime

However crumbled or torn can it be, thrown ATM slips will always make its way into the clutches of a hacker. After decoding your slip and hack into your system, you can well imagine what happens next… You may want to avoid that situation.

So, learn the lesson and slip your ATM slips in your pockets from now on…