3 Yogurt Face Pack for Bright Skin


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Curd can be used in the beauty treatment. How the curd can be used in the beauty solutions? What are the skin care benefits of the curd? A few of us can know the answer for those questions. 100 grams of curd contains the 2000 calories of energy. Curd contains the lactic acid, sodium, zinc and other mineral.

Curd can be used to treat the many skin care problems like tans, oily skin, pimples, sunburns etc. Curd can gives the solutions to the all oily skin, dry skin, sensitive skin and mixed skin.

Skin care benefits of yogurt

Benefits of curd for skin care

1. Works well on the tanned skin. Curd helps to lighten the dark tanned skin.

2. Curd works as the cleansing component on the skin. Curd clear the skin pores and makes the skin pores active and gives the glow to the skin.

3. Curd can remove the age spot on the face. It works as the anti aging ingredient.

4. Give the glow the face and skin opens the clogging skin pores.

5. Hyderates the skin cells and treats the dry skin make the skin moisture.

Here are the some of the homemade curd face packs. By using the curd face packs get the benefits of curd to your beauty.

Homemade curd face packs

Curd & gram flour face pack

Take the 3 tbsp curd and 3 tbsp gram flour in bowl. Now add the 1 tbsp of honey in the bowl. Mix all the three ingredients well. Now apply this paste on the face .Leave it for 20 minutes to dry then wash your face with the cool water. Good face packs for the dry skin.

Curd & olive oil face pack

Take the 3 tbsp of curd and 2-3 tbsp of olive oil in a bowl. Mix the both ingredients with the spoon. Now apply this creamy paste on the face. Lactic acid in the curd cures the fine line on the face and skin. Wait for 10 minutes to dry then wash it off. Lines and acne scars, pimple marks can be remove with this face pack.

Curd & orange peel powder

How to improve the facial skin texture
Take the 4 tbsp of curd in bowl. Now add the 2 tbsp of orange peel or lemon peel powder to the curd. Mix the ingredients well and apply it on the face. Curd and orange combination controls the melanin on the skin. This face pack is for skin whitening.