4 bad things that women dislike in man

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Both men and women have some bad qualities that are bothering the other side. However, this is written by the common man’s four idols which dislike women, its details and ways to solve it.

Use mobile phone at intimate moments
All women will be annoyed when someone is sending a message to a mobile phone or when talking about official or business on mobile phones during dating. However, experts say that this kind of behavior does not mean that it is rude about the relationship. As a result, it should not be confused with such behavior. If you get annoyed with this, it is better to explain it in a cool head.

Do not want to comment on any topic
If men do not know the answer to any question of women, then they remain silent or say, ‘I do not care for them’. If you do not like the answer woman, you will have to inform her about the interest. If he is unhappy or does not want to answer, do not forget to tell him that his opinion is very important to you.

His silence after returning from work
Most men are silent after returning from work. Many people are very tired after working day-to-day. As a result, it is important to give some time to rest during this time. There is a possibility of a dispute if there is a discussion on different issues at this time. Instead, it is better to give some time to rest in such a situation.

Take time to get bored and get bored
It takes less time for male grooming or ready to be ready. And when the woman takes time to dress, male bothers. This kind of chase is very unpleasant for many women during cosmetics. At this time, the best way to keep a man engaged in any work is to do the best.