4 thigh fat reducing exercises…


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Regular Exercise Keeps Your Body Tone and Fat Free Along with your sweat, you can get rid of the toxins that are present in the body and attach the body to the body for a long time. Exercise and diet is not difficult to find healthy and beautiful bodies in the conference!

Nowadays, the tendency of sitting in our work, read everything, increases the tendency. Reduced walking and sitting in one place, working in the middle and lower part of the body of the man and woman, that is, the rate of fat deposits in the stomach, abdomen and thighs are also noteworthy. In my opinion, all of the people of the Doorra are in the throats and abdominal fat, there is a problem of losing the shape of cellulite jam and lowering the shape. And so today, four exercises that you can say about regular remedies for fat in your schedule. Let’s not look at the exertions.

(1) Lange:

One of the most effective ways to handle obese thighs is lange. First, tighten your stomach muscles and make the legs straight and stand upright. Now move forward like the right foot picture. Do not bend the upper body or break the waist. Bring your knees to 90 degrees in Anglele. Wait 1-2 seconds and hold the body on the right foot and push the body straight from the sitting position. Exercise on the other legs in the same way. Once in two legs, 1 set is full. Gradually increase the set number by practicing every day starting from 10 sets.

(2) Squat:

This exercise does not only reduce the cellulite of Thai … it also removes fats accustomed to the hip and waist. In other words, if you do not do all these exercises, you will also see good results. At first, stand between the two feet of 10-12 inches difference. Enlarge the front of the two hands, there will be balance in it, and in some way, during the exercise session, the upper waist will not be crumbled. Sit down slowly. Stop being paralyzed with your Thai floor. Look in the picture, so do not cross your knees to cross the finger. After 5 seconds again stand up straight again. Grow at least 20 times a day and slowly increase the number. Squats help a lot to keep your body shape.

(3) Jumping Squats:

This is a new version of Squash. Those who are physically fit are physically fit, it is possible to reduce weight even when the body is rapidly shedding. For this, sit like a squat first. Instead of standing upright, jump up the power of two legs and jump. In this, the fat in the stomach and your legs will become frozen and the legs become tornado. Start minimam 8 times every day.

(4) Single Leg Circle:

Ah! Peace ……. This year’s excercise will be able to do the tray. Before sleeping every night, you can easily recover the leg’s exercise. So first you have to sit straight on the bed or in the mat. Two hand paws are planted on the floor. Take your legs above the floor to take a breathing slowly. Try a circle size in the air by foot. See, waist or hip can not move. Rotate 5 times clockwise and 5 times anti-clockwise steps. Keep breathing fast and keep your feet slowly and straighten your legs. Leg circle with the other foot in the same way. Thus, 1 set complete pity. To get good results, you need to set a minimum of 5 set leg circle.

These exercises are very easy and effective. A couple of hard-earned stiff neck sticks to their pair. So regular practice will not come to Thai sap Where?