5 ways to get pink lips naturally

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Everyone wants a beautiful pink lips. Needless to say that the sweet pink lips attract a lot more in terms of beauty. But every day as a result of the use of lipstick on the lips and the sun’s harmful rays gradually be black to black role on our lips. In addition, various types of disease, smoking, there is also used in cosmetics. Let’s, let’s get to know the natural ways of making your lips with pink tips 5.

Raw milk per day
Raw milk and apply to lips every day. 0 minutes, then wash with cold water lips. You can wash your lips with rose water or cold. It will take a lot more.

The best material is a natural way to take care of lip honey. Every night before going to sleep with a little honey on your lips and massage. Daily use of honey to keep your lips soft and bright make.

Turmeric powder and cold milk
Turmeric powder and mix with cold milk 5 minutes massage your lips. In this way, the natural way you use every day will be pink.

Alamanda oil and lemon juice
Alamanda one teaspoon of lemon juice mixed with a little oil to massage your lips. 5 minutes and then rinse with cold water. Your lips are soft and clean.

Lemon juice and sugar
With a very small amount of lemon juice mixed with sugar slowly massage your lips. When dry wash. This paste helps to clean the lip of dead cells, keeps lips soft and pink makes. But since you do not use lemon juice to your lips after you wash and dry lips with moisturizer after applying Lip Balm.