5 ways to identify pure honey


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Since all the sweet looks are the same, the responsibility of understanding what is real, which is fake. There are several ways to know authentic honey Find out these easy ways.

1. Thumper test
Take a little honey thumb to the finger. See, whether it spreads like other liquids. If the honey is not pure, it will spread quickly like other liquids. But the original honey is stuck in thick Do not spread easily. Again, with a little more honey to reverse the old finger, it will not easily fall into the form of droplets.

2. Water test
Take a teaspoon of honey in a glass of water. Soaked honey will soon be mixed with water. But even if the original honey is mixed, some parts of it will be densely populated in water. Especially a little part of the bottom will remain in the bottom. But the poor quality honey will be completely windy.

3. Fire test
Maybe you have not heard of this method before. Pure honey but combustible substance. But be careful before lighting the fire on the honey. The security system must be filled. But the test is very simple. Take a wooden stick in the match. Now hit the matchbox to burn this stick. If you burn, you can be sure of honey. And if the mixture is harmful, the fire will not burn.

4. Vinegar test
Give one tablespoon honey, a little water and two-three drops of vinegar in that mixture. If this mixture becomes foam like foam, then it is understood that there is something else mixed in honey.

5. Temperature test
If you heat the pure honey, it will be very like Carmel. It will not be foamy like foam. But the adulterous honey can not burst like the Kurramel. It will only bubble up.