6 foods that lose weight by reducing hunger

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Is hunger just body feeling? definitely no. A delicious meal comes before our eyes, but we want to eat. Healthy appetite is good for health. But the desire to hunger or eat is not good at all.

Increased hunger includes unhealthy lifestyle, stress, anxiety, depression and various mental factors. Suddenly, your weight has started to grow. Do you know this increase in hunger is responsible for increasing your weight? There are some foods that help keep your stomach for a long time as well as reduce your weight.

1. Oats
Start the morning with a bowl of oats. It gives the power of working day to day. This will reduce your cholesterol level to 5% in six weeks. Not only this, it will fill your belly for a long time, this is a meal.

2. Apple
Apple-soluble fiber-rich foods which prevent excessive consumption. Because the amount of calories in Apple is less than the amount of water, it increases the aridity in the body without increasing the weight. This fruit is quite useful for long time to prevent hunger.

3. Eggs
One of the main sources of protein is egg. The greelin content contained in it stops the appetite. Try to cook the perfect egg.

4. Banana
Fill up to 30% of the day-to-day vitamins in a medium shape. It produces serotonin hormones in the brain, which reduces stress, anxiety. So put a banana in the morning breakfast.

5. Tropical almond
Kaltash has a healthy fat called monocycurated and polyonacitated, which suppress excess food. In 2006, the Obesity Society Annual Scientific Meeting, Kathashandam also helped to reduce your weight.

6. Green tea
If you have a habit of eating tea, instead of milk tea, practice eating green tea. The antibacterial element increases the immunity to the body. Increasing your metabolism rate keeps blood pressure constant.
Besides, sour, water, mushrooms, green leafy vegetables will prevent your hunger for a long time.