6 tips for perfect makeup and hairstyle on a hot, wet day

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Going for a celebration or an critical eventuality is utterly a t5ask during a summer. There’s no approach to shun a feverishness and your hair and makeup is firm to be busted come what may. So to keep your makeup and hair uninformed and correct and correct in summer, follow these tips by Shikhee Agarwal, Head of training, The Body Shop.

Change your face wash– Replace your abounding cleaner and face cream with a foaming jelly and an oil-free daily unguent that has a smallest SPF 15. Carry a compress for midday touch-ups though don’t cover your whole face with powder as this would lead to clogging of your skin pores.

Moisturise daily– Moisturising is gripping a dampness in a skin and not creation it oily. Use an oil-free or light moisturiser and request it over a damp skin. Also, splash adequate H2O to stay hydrated. You can also solidify some aloe vera jelly in an ice tray and request it to ease object burnt skin.

Use lighter foundations
Use lighter foundations–Give your thick foundations a skip and use foundations with lighter textures instead. You can opt for BB creams, uninformed bare foundations, mouth and impertinence stains, bronzing jelly and mouth gloss.

Go smudgeproof
Go blemish proof– Use a H2O explanation mascara and eye ship to forestall your eye makeup from melting and smudging since of a heat. Also, use colour usually on a tip of a eye lid and leave a lash line for your eye makeup to stay on longer.

hair repair
Hair repair–To siphon volume into true or excellent hair, skip a conditioner pr only request it on a ends. Do not blow dry your hair and let it dry naturally. Apply your frizz control products while a hair is damp.