7 Beauty Secrets of Egyptian Woman

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When you think about Egyptian beauty, you immediately think of the beautiful Cleopatra, who captured the hearts many, Egyptians and Romans alike. Cleopatra wrote books about her beauty secrets, so we know some of the ancient Egyptians secrets of beauty. The ancient Egyptians had no pharmacy to go to buy a bottle of manufactured beauty product; they just relied on natural ingredients and their own knowledge. So, if you ever wondered how Cleopatra managed to look so good, here are ten Egyptian beauty secrets for you.

1. They used Aloe Vera

There is nothing new about Aloe Vera, the ancient Egyptians knew all about its miraculous properties. Cleopatra and friends would have used Aloe Vera on their hair and skin, they used it as a treatment for burns and they even ate it to improve their digestion.

2. They used coconut butter in their hair

Ancient Egyptian women had no ready-made hair gel in those days, they kept their hair in place and looking great by using coconut oil or shea butter to style their hair.

3. Milk and honey baths

Milk and honey treatment is another one of well known Egyptian beauty secrets. Combining honey and milk was a way for the Egyptian women to create an exfoliating and skin nourishing bath. The lactic acid in the milk removes dead skin cells and the antibacterial properties of the honey fight infections. Honey also makes a great natural moisturiser too.

4. Cleopatra used to like bathing in the Dead Sea

It is said that Cleopatra made the long journey from Egypt to the Dead Sea just to bathe. There is probably a very good reason for that, because the waters of the Dead Sea contain high concentrations of minerals that would have nourished her skin and help fight skin ailments.

5. They made Fenugreek seed face masks

To keep their face soft and smooth the ancient Egyptian women used face masks made from fenugreek seeds. They also thought that drinking tea made from the seeds would increase the size of their breasts, but we’re not so sure about that one having been much of a success!

6. Crocodile dung body wash

This is another one of Cleopatra’s beauty recipes and Egyptian beauty secrets that we don’t think will catch on today. Cleopatra used to use a body wash that was made up of crocodile dung, mixed with donkey’s milk. No, we really can’t see that being available in a shop near you soon.

7. Coffee facial scrub

An Egyptian beauty recipe that you might be more likely to try is this one for a facial scrub. Mix three tablespoons of coffee grounds with a tablespoon of coconut oil and a teaspoon of honey. This mixture will soften and cleanse the skin beautifully.

8. Almond oil as an anti-ageing treatment

Almond oil is another one of well known Egyptian beauty secrets. Using almond oil on their skin to fight the signs of ageing has some scientific basis behind it, because of the antioxidants that we now know that almond oil contains. Ancient Egyptian women also used the oil simply as a moisturiser, because of its softening and nourishing properties and pleasant fragrance.

9. They used oils to stimulate hair growth

Egyptian women used aromatic oils, the most popular of which were frankincense and myrrh, for hygiene and for the scent. They also used oils like almond oil and rosemary oil on their hair to condition it and to promote hair growth.

10. Ancient Egyptian makeup

For makeup too, the Egyptians had to turn to the natural ingredients that were available at the time. They used henna to colour their hair and to tint their nails, saffron was used as an eyeshadow, burnt almonds were used to darken their eyebrows and they used red ochre for their lips.