A girl, 21, who didn’t know she was pregnant gives birth to a child!






A party-loving barmaid who used to drink 15 Budweisers in one sitting was stunned when she gave birth without even realising she was pregnant.
Terri-Anne Hyde, from Newcastle-under-Lyme, Staffordshire, had been with her boyfriend for just ten months at the time.
However, she didn’t have a bump, was still having periods, and felt no kicks – so she continued her carefree, party lifestyle before suddenly going into labour in March 2015.

She was part of a dance troupe at the time and would exercise vigorously twice a week, unknowingly performing cheerleading-style routines while nine months pregnant.
The 21-year-old suddenly went into labour at home last March and refused to hold her baby when he was born – contemplating giving him up for adoption.
Terri-Anne was so sure she didn’t want children she’d even said in the past that she’d willingly undergo a hysterectomy.

But after baby Jacob was placed in her arms, she knew she’d never let him go.
She and boyfriend Jack Johnson now have their own home together – and Terri-Anne claims they even hope to have more children in future.
Terri-Anne said: ‘Not knowing I was pregnant, I would drink pretty much every night. I loved my social life and had never wanted to have children – I’d told my mum countless times she was never getting any grandkids from me.