Aamir’s Secret Super Star is breaking record


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Amir Khan’s picture means vandalism in the box office. Earlier, he deleted his old record and wrote his own name there. Exceptions were not available on the ‘Secret Superstar’ released yesterday. On the very first day the box office earns more than the concept of the Secret Superstar. The record of ‘Jurua 2’ by Varun Dhawan has broken.

Press KS.com reports, box office officials thought that on the first day, Amir’s ‘Secret Superstar’ would earn Rs 15 crore for the first time. But on the first day ‘Secret Superstar’ earns 16 crores. The ‘Secret Superstar’ has taken over the record of the highest grossing film on the first day of the year, with the exception of ‘Jurua II’ of Barun. The idea of ​​the box office, the release of the movie will reach Rs. One crore in rupees if released in China. ‘Secret Superstar’ has been released almost a thousand more than India. Among these, the movie was home-free in every of the theaters in Delhi and Mumbai.

In the movie ‘Secret Superstar’, Aamir’s dream story of a 14-year-old girl was shown. And the daughter of dream of this girl is seen as a masterpiece. The Muslim family wants to be a girl musician. Want to sing in theater and movies Although the mother was with her mother to fulfill this dream, the parents were barred. The gunpowder girl then uploaded a video of the song to Youtube in Burakhee herself. At one time he became a YouTube star. Then Amir Khan came to the attention of the girl. Amir Khan shares his videos. Encourages people to watch his video. Then Aamir Khan raises his hand to help her fulfill her dream. The film is being produced by Aamir Khan, Kiran Rao, Akash Chaola and G. Studios.