Acne problem solve with one piece of lemon


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The acne attack can not be tolerated at all times. There is pain. The look is also bad. Due to acne, many spots are made in the mouth. That’s what Akane wants, which does not want to go away. It can not be seen in front of people. Are you also suffering from this problem? Lemon can release you from this problem. You can easily remove acne and acne scars with lemon –

1] Put a little lemon juice and apply it on acne. Wait ten minutes and wash your face with cold water. Doing this twice a week will give you the expected results.

2] Mix lemon juice with a little honey and place it in the place of acne. When the mixture is dried, wash it with water.

3] Mix the white part of the egg with a little lemon juice mixed well. That mixture should be applied 3 times, 5 minutes on acne. If the mixture is dry, then wash the face in light hot water.

4] Mix little granules and lemon juice in a bowl. Wait a while for a long time. Once the mixture is dried, clear the mouth in the hot water. Use it once a week to get good results.

5] Mix a little lemon juice and curd together in a bowl. Wait for the part of the mouth to have acne tendency. Acne and acne scars on your face will be removed every day.