Actor Emon saved from a serious accident

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The filmmaker Emon flew to shoot in Shankarprapah of Bandarban. The incident took place around 11pm on Sunday. At this time, getting water in the water of the water of the water of the water, get severe pain in the legs.

Many parts of the body can also be tired. After watching the situation, the people of the shooting unit from a distance came running and dragged him from the water stream. Emon was caught by the producer Mahmud Didar’s ‘No worldly old’ telefilm shooting incident.

Emon said, ‘There was a view floating in the river. I thought it would be better if I took the risk. The idea that’s the job. But the flow came very loud. Before I got to know nothing, I faced a major accident.

Then dragged me with three ropes and saved me. Survived for a little while. Still, the scene is going on floating in the eyes. ‘

Producer Mahmud Didar said, the place where I was shooting was very dangerous. Many people have already lost their lives.

He said, due to excess rain water, water and stream flow of water increased. For which Eman Bhai got hurt before he got it right. He survived for a little while. Now he has been given first aid. Next day we return to Dhaka.