Actress Bubli reduces 13 kg in just few months!

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Shabnam Bubli, in a short time, took strong position in Dhaka. From the beginning, it is in the middle of the discussion of acting and film world. As needed. Beginning in 2016 Start from that How much has been seen in this short time Still aimed at your goal. He is very conscious about acting and personal life-everybody. By way of calculation, we walk the path. And if it’s called fitness, then the same thing is applicable.

Eat daily meals according to the rules. As much as an actor needs to be aware, he can do the best even if he can not do it perfectly. The daily diet list contains various vitamins, minerals and protein rich foods. He avoids the fast food or ready-made foods in the store, consciously. Although Bubbly is aware of fitness, he does not do 100 percent diet.

In his language, Fifty Fifty is said to be. But he always avoids sweet foods. But the food list has always been the favorite fresh juice, vegetable and green salad. If there is no shooting or other busyness, go to the gym by routine. If you are at home and do yoga in the morning and in the afternoon. Talking about this, there is a new information. Yoger knows 42 seats, the heroine.

Meanwhile, I did not understand the fat that was found in the body to spend time busy in acting. Suddenly he found that the excess fat favored him. Then began the difficult pursuit. It’s weight loss. But the transition that is now visible in the Bublee but it did not come in a short time. Labor of hard work And is it easy to lose weight? Shabnam Bubli himself admitted that it is difficult to accept. For how much trouble has been done.

The heroine, mentioned in the talk, said that the heroine has reduced 13 kg weight in the past few months. In the last two months, 9 kg reduced. Even though in the middle, Shabnam Bubli had raised some weight for the character of the film ‘Ahankar’. The heroine of Bengali film believes that not only the artist, the ordinary people should be aware of the fitness. As a result of this, it is important to keep physically fit to keep yourself healthy.
And after losing weight, Bubblici is quite relaxed. For this, greed has to be cured first. All the delicious food in front of the eyes Tongue water But no, the greed of the eyes is allowed to remain in sight, there is no chance of falling down to the tongue. Her head was an actress’s acting skill as well as physical beauty.

Meanwhile, Shabnam Bubali is coming to the big screen on Eid ‘ego’ and ‘Rangabaj’. Fellow artist Shakib Khan. And before the release of the picture, the picture is going on with a lot of discussion. The filmmakers think the pair is getting a new hint from the tradition. Last few days ago, Bubli has been signed to act in a new movie titled ‘Chittagongagaiya Poya Noakhaila Maiya’. Shakib Khan will be the hero in this film. Filmmaker Uttam Akash will make the film.

Shabnam Bubli started acting on the big screen with the film ‘Bosgiri’ in 2016. Although the film was about to be played by Apu Biswas. Apu then removed himself from the movie. Bubli was selected in his place. Shakib Khan played opposite him in this movie. During the shooting of this film, he got the offer of acting in the film ‘Shutter’. The film was directed by Raju Chowdhury and in contrast to this film, Shakib Khan was against it.