Actress Moyuri married 2nd time with a JU student

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Media, a news story of Dhaliud, has been married for the third time, the heroine Mayuri. Muayri, embarrassed about the matter, said, not third, it is his second marriage.

Mayuri said Wednesday, ‘Yes I got married, but it is not a third marriage. Second. I am being humiliated by talking about the third time I got married. My husband is being embarrassed Our two families are embarrassed because of not knowing the news. Everyone will understand that at one time I worked in films but I am a man. I have life like everyone else. ‘

When asked about his marriage, Moairy said, “Last month I got married Shafiq Jewel. He is studying at Jahangirnagar University. We are happy, I am in peace. Please let us stay in peace. ‘

Regarding the identity of Shafiq Jewel, Moairy said, “My identity will be more than one year with her. She loves my daughter too. At one time we have a psychological relationship, we talked about the issue of marriage, since Shafiq has no problem with my daughter, so I decided to marry him at a time. We are married to our two families by family. ‘

Shafiq said, “My husband is a godly man. He prayed, Tablig went to the church. Encourage me also to pray. I now read the prayer kalam right now. I went to Tablighe once, and I want to go again. ‘

Rezaul Karim Khan was the first husband of Mayura. He said, “I love my first marriage in 2009, Rezaul Karim Khan. He was Vice Chairman of Bhuapur Upazila Parishad of Tangail. We were happy to spend the day. We have a daughter child. But my first husband died in 2015, since then I was alone with my daughter Angel. But for the girl, I had to think again. ‘

Since the nineties, more than three hundred pictures of Moira have been released, most of which are accused of indecent obscenity. He is the heroine of the many films discussed, including bite of death, death, fighting, confrontation, dumb assassin, strange harlot, dubu phulan, death. Later, in the movie ‘Chal Chitin Ghar’ directed by Nargis Akhtar, the movie was praised by acting against Alamgir and Maayuri was praised.

In 1998, she entered the film industry through the movie ‘Face of Death’. Mahmud, a producer who brought him to the film. After acting in several films, the maiden was involved with so much pornographic pornography. He was the famous actress of Katpiss.

After starting the movement of ‘indecency’ in the movie, Muari started losing work. At that time, working on the stage and jatrapala to earn money. The filmmaker did not vote for the film but he did. But the Mayura always avoids the media. Recently, due to the second marriage, the media reappeared again.