Actress Shruti Hasan & Dhoni is in secret affair

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Former Indian cricket captain Mahindra Singh Dhoni and Bollywood Shruti Hassan Newcomer of the country’s media is abuzz! Giving up the captaincy to Dhoni went about a month. It is not at all what has been a decline in his popularity.

Who’s going to take at any stage of the popularity of the former Captain Cool?
Hasan was a buzz recently Dhoni and myth. Shruti Haasan and MS Dhoni was called or came around. In fact, while playing in the IPL, Dhoni’s Chennai Super kinse contact with the southern film actress was more than one. Tamil actress Lakshmi Rai before marriage, a relationship with the news that Dhoni was viral. Dhoni has purbaparicaya with Ultrasonic. So the myth around and Dhoni surprised at the news, but the authenticity can be considered as being behind.

In fact, recently in Mumbai, Dhoni said his shift in the new apartment. West andherite Oberoi Springs Dhoni bought the flat. Paseratitei Shruti Haasan in his flat. Dhoni came and claimed it was closer to myth. Dhoni flat in Oberoi Springs apartment where the actor, choreographer and director, he has the flat. Thus, there is no doubt that it is good time to cut Dhoni and his family with celebrity neighbors.