Actresses who became stars at their school life…

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All the faces which have been enlightened in the film industry of Bangladesh, have been illuminated – their meteorite began when they were in school. Rupali sculptures spread on the screen while reading at the school.
This organized with such enlightened and talented actresses.

In 1967, he appeared in the movie ‘Chakoshi’ opposite the filmmaker Nadeem. Ratna is the real name of Shabana, Shabana is the name of her film, which gave the film director Ehtesham. His good name Afroja Sultana Shabana institutional education ended at the age of only 9 years. And the screen debut at the age of 15. The actress, who received the National Film Award for 11 times, went on to film before going to school. The last movie that was shot in Shabana was ‘Ghar Gharir War’.

In the role of the first heroine in 1969, she starred in the film. The film was released on August 14, 1969, and his mother died on that day. In the beginning of his career, he went on to guide the brother-in-law Zahir Raihan, but later he was on his way alone. In the ’70s only, he established himself as one of the best actresses of the whole decade. Babita studied at Jessore’s Daud Public School In the study room, the elder sister Kohinoor Akhter came to the house with the family entering Suh Chandra (Suochanda) films. Adolescents residing in Gandaria’s house Despite not being able to achieve institutional certification in the film, Babita privately educated himself. Efficiency gained in some foreign languages, including English. Refine yourself to the level of an ideal artist.

Ratna, who wrote in the movie ‘Why Love’ while falling in class Seven in 2002, wrote in the film Ratna. He played opposite Ferdous in the film directed by Selim Azam. Ratna was able to achieve popularity in a short time, also works with top heroes. But when the movie started in the tone of porn, it took a turn to film itself. During this time, he earned a master’s degree in social welfare in Dhaka University. Ratna is trying to return to the new film. Ratna had bought Awami League nomination papers for contesting the seats reserved for the Tenth National Parliament. His father Mannan Kabir is a freedom fighter.

Purnima was started in the movie world through Zakir Hossain Raju’s directed ‘A Life by my’. Dr. Tuhin Malik, directed by ‘Aap Jabir Mere’, won the first National Film Award in 2010 as Best Actress for the film, ‘O Do not Give Me Good’. The film was released in 1997, then he used to teach class nine.

According to Wikipedia, at the age of 13, Shabnur had a foothold in the film. This actress was born in 1979. Family name was named Kazi Sharmin Nahid Nupur. Later, the renowned maker and his mentor Ehathashem named him Shabnur. Shabnur means the night light. Shabnur’s father’s name is Shahjahan Chowdhury. He is the eldest of three brothers and sisters. Shabnur’s first film ‘Chandni Rai’. In contrast, Sabbir was the protagonist, who was the hero. This picture is failing. Which was released in 1993. Shabnur’s education is known to him that he studied till IA. But the heroine does not say that the school was just before the start of it.

Pooja Cherry
Child artist Pooja Cheri is going to act as the heroine of this year’s 2nd movie. Puja is the ninth grade of Cantonment Girls Public School in Dhaka. Pure Cherry has contracted two films in Pero. On 6th April, the name of Goddess Saraswat 2 was announced as the heroine of the movie. Rowshan will play against her. Brampton’s work did not start, new news Now, in front of Aditya of Kolkata, ‘Nur Jahan’ is going to play a movie. Jazz Multimedia of Bangladesh will be jointly produced by Raj Chakraborty Productions of Kolkata. ‘Nur Jahan’ remake of the Marathi movie ‘Sirat’. Raj will be assisted by Abhimanyu Mukhopadhyay.