After 19 years Karishma & Salman togather again






Salman karisma 90s and Chemistry is the study of the room. Both have come across in the past few years a lot of his own tribulations.

Millennium Millennium Generation Bollywood has not yet, but has been impressed by shiny-teeth mekaobhare. Madhuri, Ajay-Kajol-SRK-Salman karisma-the era of the thirties rise chumichumi visitors easily forget. Why only those, who are now in their mid twenties, adolescent crush them, many were still hanka Salman and Karisma.

Bollywood big news at the moment, 19 years later, the pair are back karisma and Salman. Director Sajid Nadia daoyalara film juraoya 2 can be seen on this pair. But the hero of this film is the role of the heroine’s role can be seen Varun Dhawan and pharnandejake jyakalina. But according to producer, Salman karisma-90s blockbuster film without the presence of a second version does not understand them. Emanabhabei script has been written so that the pair can be seen in the film karisma-Salman.

Salman Khan’s views on this topic is not known yet, but an all-India newspapers reported, karisma with this picture is quite encouraging. His participation will be just how much the film yet, but he definitely did not know that he had already expressed a keen interest in the film that director David dhabanake. Karisma further stated that the role of the protagonist because he is happy to barunake Casting According to him, the role of the hero agree barunake well. Salman formal terms of the agreement are met growled.