After 20 years some unknown photo of Princess Diana revealed

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Two decades have passed, Princess Diana’s fame has not yet faded. On August 31, Diana died 20 years of age, while publishing some photos from her personal album, Prince William and Prince Harry. Diana sweet with two princesses, these pictures have never been released before. Prince William’s childhood pictures show his son Prince George.

Princes Diana with Prince William in the lap In her womb, then Prince Harry.

Prince Harry and Prince Diana were spending their vacation.

Prince Diana plays with Prince Harry in the Royal Yout in Britain. The image was taken by Prince William.

Prince William and Prince Harry in the police dress.

The picnic bench is pausing two brothers.

More pictures appear in a new exhibition at Buckingham Palace. Besides the photo, Diana has ballet shoe, cassette used.

The Diana table used in Kensington Palace is for the exhibition, which will run until the first October.