Amazing Foods That Will Increase Height


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The seafood is rich in many proteins and vitamins. Fish such as salmon and tuna are rich in Vitamin D and proteins, which promotes height growth.

This superfood is rich in vitamin D and calcium. So, for a healthy body and strong bones, make sure you include boiled eggs as they are one of the best methods of cooking and retaining the essential vitamins and nutrients of the eggs.

For proper absorption of vitamins and calcium in bones, include soy products like soy beans and soy milk.

Rich in calcium and low in calories, tofu is one of the foods to include in your diet for height gain. Tofu is low in fat, which aids weight loss as well.

Seeds Pumpkin seeds repair body tissues and promote building of new tissues. Also, amino acids in the seeds promotes body’s growth.

Carrots are rich in Vitamin C and A. Vitamin A preserves calcium in the bones and keeps it strong and healthy. Vitamin A rich foods also improve eye sight and help get glowing skin.

This is another superfood that can help increase height naturally. The green leafy vegetable is rich in essential vitamins and nutrients. Make sure you have this green vegetable and others like broccoli in your diet.

Calcium is important for the growth and maintenance of strong bones. Milk acts as a height booster and is also rich in Vitamin A which preserves calcium. It is recommended to drink 2-3 glasses of milk every day.

For stronger and healthy bones, you must have bananas regularly. Apart form boosting the height, the fruit is also good for digestion and bowel movements.

When compared with other animal foods, chicken is the highest source of proteins. Eating chicken provides proteins to the body for building tissues and muscles.

Green Beans
Minerals build bone tissues, increase bone growth and improves blood flow in the body. To increase height naturally, have the protein and mineral rich green beans.

The dairy product is rich proteins and calcium. Apart from this, yogurt also contains Vitamins A, B, D and E which promotes height growth. Yogurt is also good for the digestion.