Ambrin introduces her boyfriend in social media

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Laxtarka came in front and the love story of Amravina Sarrajin Ambrin, popular presenter. When asked about the marriage of Amburin many times, he would say, ‘When the time comes’. What time has come?

Surely, the time has not begun to count the time. Because Ambrian has found her boyfriend. It would be wrong to find out, you’ve got it before. Let’s introduce everyone. Name of boyfriend Tausif Ahsan Chowdhury

Introduce first through friends with Tauseef Then romance. That is also 6 months ago. It started to be gradually vivid.

After this, maybe this popular model was not about to keep your relationship in the shelf.

Confirming the incident, Ambrin from Canada told Kaler Kantho, “It’s hard to find people in the mind now, really. I got a son like Tausif, and that’s the prince of my mind’s world. Sometimes due to the long distance relationship, we are happy, but we are happy. ‘

When are you getting married? Responding to this question, Ambrian said to the daily, When I am doing the wedding, I will do my marriage. He has the desire to be true. We too will get married. Now we’re preparing ourselves. I wish all the blessings for this. I got him, I do not want to lose in any way. May Allah give our relationship a good result.

Ambrien, a boyfriend Tousif, a property management company manager in Toronto, Canada. Ambrian is currently living in Canada. But if they meet with the boyfriend, both are in separate state.