Amrita’s reaction on Saif-Kareena Son






Saif Ali Khan’s second wife, do not. She was mother recently. Saif’s father, however, was not the first time. The first party with his wife, son and daughter Amrita. They were much bigger.

After the birth of Timur received congratulatory messages from different sources Saif and Kareena. But do not be born after the first quarter saiphera wife Amrita says react? There is still no response after the birth of Timur Amrita Singh could not be found. But do not become pregnant after a website for his reactions on the part of the Amrita Singh. He was quite angry wife saiphera first quarter. What is the courage to question him a rough-and-tumble, saying the question was Amrita anger.

Once the girls greeted saiphake marriage, children sephera today! Not only that, the future does not bother to call him, had also said Amrita. After Kareena’s mother Amrita simply show some courage to react.