Ananta-Barsha is going to have 2nd baby

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Acting as the heroine of Ananta Jalil, the screenplay Barsha And from the acting to the real life, the stopping of two people has been created. New Guests Coming Into Ananta-Monsoon Family

And the arrival of this new guest brings happiness to the whole of the air. The news about Khalidade star couple Ananta Jalil and Afiya Nusrat rainy season is a happy news.

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He wrote, “Alhamdulillah i never got it, it looks so proud, I’m going to be a mother again.

If all is well with God’s grace and your love, then we will see the face of our second child in November.

Everyone will pray for me. And the reason behind this is that the spy is back in the shooting. InshaAllah will start again in the future. Everyone will pray for me. “