Anushka speaks about marriage rumor with Bahubali actor Prabhas


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Previously, Luv-Anushka was seen as a pair. However, ‘Bahubali: The Conquestion’ is an Amarendra Bahubali lecture and Debasena Anushka’s screen is still chemistry. The next picture of the posterity is more likely to work as Anushka as the ‘Saho’ heroine. But Anushka was annoyed with one of the rumors.

In fact, Luv-Anushka is a great friend. But they have been spreading the love of the friendship and spreading various times. Recently it has been repeated that they are doing love. Soon married. But Anushka has poured water on these rumors.

Someone from Anushakara was spreading the rumors. Anushka, who got her from the job, has already pruned her from the job. Earlier rumors spread about his marriage with co-workers. Anushka then said, “My relationship with all co-workers has become a media affair.