Apu angry on divorce news with Shakib

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Popular film actor Apu Islam Khan (Apu Biswas) expressed anger over the news published in a media about divorce of Shakib Khan. His claim, the news was made.

A Bangladeshi portal by publishing a report titled ‘Apu Biswas’ will be divorced on Tuesday, titled ‘Aapu Biswas’. In view of this, he telephoned some of the first news news portals and said he was angry with him.

Apu said, ‘What nonsense they wrote! I can not! Calling their editor. But no one is catching up. False, fabricated, bizarre news. But no one has spoken to me. ‘

It is written on the close source of Apu, that the portal was returned to the country only after completing the work of Kolkata (Apu Biswas) to participate in the National Film Awards. But there was a lot of anger in her husband’s humiliation. Even threatening Shakib to divorce himself and establish his position alone in the film. However, no statement of Apu Biswas was found in this regard.

Apu said, “I do not like to have news about family matters. This news is not mine. Nobody has contacted me. I’ll take legal action. But if they remove the news and apologize to another news, then I will not take legal action. ”

On Monday, Apu Biswas participated in the National Film Awards 2015, but he did not have any talk with Shakib Khan and the best actor award for the year.