Arafat Sunny will stay with two wives now…

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The national cricket team’s vaulty bowler Arafat Sunny has decided to keep two wives in negotiation with the second wife.

In the case filed under the Women and Children Repression Prevention Act, on Monday, filed an indictment in the court of Dhaka Metropolitan Sessions Judge Kamrul Hossain Mollah that both the parties submitted their confession. Then the judge made Arafat Sunny bail in the case.

It is said in the compromise that, on December 4, 2014, four lakh rupees, we have got married in the form of a donum. Which will now increase to 10 million rupees and will be re-married on Monday.

Apart from this, we should withdraw cases involving misunderstandings and we will happily live together peacefully from now on.

It is to be noted that Nasrin Sultana filed a case with Mohammadpur police station on Jan 5 against Soni under the Information and Communication Technology Act. In the case, Sunny was granted a day remand on Sunny 22 on the same day.

The court granted bail of Sunny on March 9 after the trial of around 1 month and 18 days in prison. Later, the plaintiff Nasrin Sultana filed another case under the Dowry Act against the cricketer and the Women’s Torture Act. In one of those cases, her mother was also accused in the case.