Are you unfit? 7 signs to find out

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You may naturally live like other people. But without your knowledge, can influence the weakness of the sleeves. Your body shows some signs of possible weakness or a person healthy.

1. Inability to push up
Push up or not being able to bukadana means your body fitness is not good at all. Keep your body straight to bukadana properly on hand to fluctuations in the body. 50 feet of any person under the age of five to 10 times bukadana should be able to do. If you do not do this, we need to understand your body weak. Accurately determine the cause of the weakness in physical exercises and other steps have to spend.

2. The reduction in heart rate
You can increase the heart rate during exercise, it is normal. This can be increased up to 190 to 140 minutes. However, it is not normal practice until the closing minutes, 0 bit would decrease. But if you are weak, then it will take a lot more time than the decrease in heart rate.

3. Waist size
If compared to other parts of the body is greater than the width of your pot belly or waist to understand if there is a problem with your fitness. The body fat is likely to be higher. This is your heart, kidneys, liver, pancreas hajamatantra and creates additional pressure, which is not a good sign at all. If you have seen the signs of physical exercise and healthy living that will bring the right measure of waist circumference.

4. Fatigue steps
After coming up the stairs you are creating increasing demand of oxygen, breathing rate increases, or if you fail to be on guard. This is evidence of physical weakness. Take action to correct the condition of your body. Jogging 30 minutes a day, if necessary, please.

5. Sugar
After physical exercise can increase the attractiveness of sweet drinks or food. However, it is more common after the insufficient training. If you do enough physical exercise on a regular basis to the attraction of sweet drinks and food will be reduced. Keep your goal is attracted to sugar.

6. Fatigue all the time
What do you always tired during the day, work is mass? If it is the normal state of fatigue after work. But very little effort for no reason, or if the body is tired, it really is a matter of concern. Such a situation can be considered if there is a weakness.

7. During resting heart rate
Samayeapanara resting heart rate can be reduced down, this is normal. But you do not have rest, even if abnormal heart rate 60 to 100. The only weakness of the body, but may have other problems. In this case, if necessary, help the doctor determine the cause of the need to take steps to remove it.
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