Are your partner jealous with you

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After marriage, couples should take control of violent activities themselves. But in most cases, your partner or wife keeps the mind of great jealousy. He left everything in his jealousy list without you. Here are some common signs of partner and partner. Their work is understood to mean that the partner or partner is trying to establish control over you and he is quite jealous.

1. When you go out alone, the spouse is constantly calling you. That is, he wants to understand when you are going. It’s a regulatory behavior.

2. If you have a friend or a colleague of your opposite sex, do not accept it in any way. If you talk to them or listen to them, they will be filled with jealousy. Occasionally you will be questioned about friends and colleagues of opposite sex.

3. If you are a boy, then your spouse will not want to accept any kind of complimentary women celebrity.

4. You do not want to get around with your friends. If you plan to travel away, he will not leave you in any way.

5. You do not want to see your partner-mate around attractive people. Especially if you look at the opposite sex, he will catch you. He does not like talking or moving with them.

6. When your house is traveling, your face becomes black. He will not easily accept his in-laws’ house.

Simply put, these are the most common signs to understand if your partner is violent. Look a little and keep adjusting.