Asaduzzaman Noor’s daughter danced in her marriage with foreigner

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Sapva Tasnim, daughter of culture minister Asaduzzaman Noor, is sitting on the marriage pyre. In the evening on Friday (September 8th), Asaduzzaman Noor and Shahin Akhtar Dumptti’s only daughter Tusniem, married to Timmain Stephen Greene, a British citizen in Kurmitola Golf Gardens.

In Tasnim’s marriage, a group of people of different classes-occupation was turned into a meeting place.

Attendees of government cabinet members, parliament members, secretaries, judges, lawyers, doctors, writers, poets, journalists, cultural artists

The bride and the bride’s relatives also were present in the wedding. Everyone present at the wedding prayed for the new couple. There was a widespread arrangement surrounding the wedding ceremony. Dancing at the ceremony, many guests invited with the bride and groom also attended. Click on the link below to see the video of the magnet portion of the ceremony for the wedding of the minister of the culture minister.