At last Imran H Sarkar posted his photo with wife on FB time-line

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As a fierce discussed and popular Mancha spokesman said. Imran H Sarkar. He criticized some people for the same reason. Imran is the status on the sides of the discussion. Recently, the discussion came for different reasons. Purely private matter. Education Minister Nurul Islam Nahid has suddenly married the daughter Nandita Islam.

Imran middle of last year to get married at the end of the year may be indicated. The announcement was not words. It was clear, on December 31, 016. That night Nandita Dhaka University teacher Nadia Khan on Islam is yellow. Married the next day. Nandita Nadia Islam of Dhaka University assistant professor of linguistics.

But after the wedding, criticism from various quarters to read Imran. No one raised objections to the daughter of the minister. Someone said that Imran’s men proved. Couple of fierce discussion as to whether that condition was crazy. Imran bewildered wrote on Facebook, people can get married if you do not know how down he was carrying.

In the context of marriage is still quite saragarama Imran Facebook. In the meantime, he had posted a timeline for the first time, with his wife’s picture. After a lot of pictures of him again. The picture was posted on January 6, 7 hours 59 minutes. However, the bold Imran, wrote: “I thought the two pictures on Facebook will not let us. But friends all said, ‘burglar angry with the rice on the ground? So again gave a picture!