At last Salman Shah’s wife speaks about viral photo

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A picture of actor Dola with Khaleeud’s protagonist Salman Shah’s wife Samira recently became viral. One of the accused in the film’s Salman murder case is seen in a very intimate relationship with Don, a woman can see.

Manjushree Biswas, a ‘divorce’, is reported to have written a report several years ago in the episode ‘Criminal Chakra’ – titled Salman’s death sentence. Several pictures were included in the report. It was also viral in that film.

Sameera claimed that the woman who was seen in the viral picture was not herself. She said, “It’s a movie about ‘Hope Love’ during the shooting of a movie.

The girl who is seen in the film with Don, that’s not me, that’s the picture of the Don with Sabrina heroine. The picture was made by Salman with the gap of the vanterailer and made fun of Don. Then Don went for three days on the back of Salman to take that picture.

I understand your emotions about Salman Shah, I respect. Emon loved me, I also loved Emon. So please do not blame me for not making everything clear. ‘

It is to be noted that Salman died on 6 September 1996. The hero’s family claimed that he was murdered. Salman’s wife Samira is involved with the murder. However, Samira and his family claims Salman committed suicide. Even after 21 years, there was no kulikinara on this killing / suicide.

Source: BD 24