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Put a clip on ear for 1 minute, all your stress will be reduced

rupcare_clip in ear to reduce stress

  According to the ancient Chinese, there is a part (point) of our ears called by them Shen Men or “The Gate of Heaven” that gives a lot of benefits for our body when treated. Shen Men means a miraculous, deep point that strengthens the health of our body. It also is beneficial at decreasing stress and increases the flow ...

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How Does Ginger Help In Hair Growth?

rupcare_ginger for hair growth

  Growing hair is a task not meant for the faint-hearted. It sometimes comes with a lot of struggles like the awkward-length-phase, bouts of hair loss, and the constant urge to want to chop it all off. And while a pair of shears may seem like the most appealing thing when you are going through one of these crisis situations, ...

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Don’t Use 9 Phrases to be Smart

rupcare_don't use 9 phrases to be smart

  We’ve all said things that people interpreted much differently than we thought they would. These seemingly benign comments lead to the awful feeling that only comes when you’ve planted your foot firmly into your mouth. Verbal slip-ups often occur because we say things without knowledge of the subtle implications they carry. Understanding these implications requires social awareness—the ability to ...

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Are you cooking rice in wrong way? It may risk your life

rupcare_right way to cook rice

  One of the truly wonderful byproducts of going vegetarian or vegan is that it nudges you to expand your culinary horizons and venture into the vast world of delicious ethnic food. But what if that ethnic food is doing more harm to your health than good? Indian, Thai, Chinese, Latin-American … all these cuisines feature amazing flavors which rarely ...

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Jacqueline Mithila accused husband’s family on her suicide note


  Jacqueline Mithila, an aspiring young model from Chittagong committed suicide allegedly over marital disputes. Mithila, 25, was found hanging from the ceiling by her scarf in her Chittagong home on February 3, port police OC Mainul Islam told on Wednesday. Her body was handed over to her family after an autopsy the same day. Though the incident happened on ...

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Reasons Why Crazy Girls Make The Best Wives!

rupcare_crazy girls good for wife

  Let’s come straight to the point! No offence to other girls but the crazy ones are simply a notch better girlfriends. They live for the extremes and no mountain too high or river too deep can come in their way. And much like everything else, they love with an equal passion. They always give their all and never settle ...

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People Who Sleeps & Wakes Late Are More Intelligent and Creative

rupcare_wakes up late

  Realizing you slept in when you weren’t supposed to is the worst feeling ever. And if you’re the kind of person who gets carried away with things, it can be hard to explain why you’re still in bed. There’s just no way to justify it. How can you tell your mom you were up until 2 a.m. teaching yourself ...

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How to lose weight using honey

rupcare_weight loss using honey

  Have you tried honey and cinnamon for weight loss yet? While it’s no magic bullet for weight loss, it can be used in conjunction with a proper diet and exercise to accelerate the rate of weight lost, and help you get past food cravings more quickly. Honey alone has been shown to contain antioxidants and enzymes that have various ...

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Raees actor Mahira Khan is a single mother

rupcare_mahira khan

  Pakistani actor Mahira Khan just made her big Bollywood debut alongside Shah Rukh Khan in Rahul Dholakia’s Raees. While the film is busy breaking box-office records one after the other, its makers have made sure Mahira is not in India for the promotions either before or after the films. Mahira, however, addressed the media in Mumbai during the success ...

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Shah Rukh’s Daughter Suhana Plays Cinderella, And It’s Going Viral

rupcare_shahruk's daughter viral video

    Shah Rukh Khan’s daughter Suhana Khan performed in a school play and now we can get aboard her plans to make it big as an actor. SRK, you are going to have some in-house competition. Shah Rukh Khan is soon going to get some serious in-house competition. SRK’s daughter Suhana Khan recently performed in a school play and ...

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Real Identity of Jacqueline Mithila


  Jacqueline Mithila is a rising Bangladeshi model, who has gained public attention by posting her scantily clad, often semi-nude pictures in Facebook. Recently she has created an uproar with her self-proclaimed assertion that she is the Sunny Leone of Bangladesh. The model continues her effort in gaining fame by posting succession of bold and controversial pictures in Facebook on ...

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How to Use Garlic As a Hair Loss Remedy

rupcare_garlic in hairfall treatment

  Hair functions to protect the skin and to help maintain the body’s temperature balance. Hair growth is a cyclic process that depends on where the hair is located, the person’s age, family history, nutritional status, and environmental factors.[1] There are many ways to help hair loss, including the use of garlic. Follow a few simple steps to help combat ...

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All-natural sugar substitutes for diabetes patient

rupcare_natural sugar substitute

  Ooh baby, do I have a sweet tooth. Don’t we all? But refined sugar is considered to be as addictive as a drug, and potentially as detrimental to your health. And while there are a ton of sugar-free sweetener alternatives on the market — I’m talking about calorie-free, chemical “artificial sweeteners” here — they are even more unhealthy than ...

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Diet to control hypertension


  Consuming too much salt can cause your body to retain fluid, which increases blood pressure. If you have high blood pressure, it’s best to eat meals low in saturated fat, trans fat, cholesterol, salt (sodium), and added sugars. This is, of course, good dietary advice for everyone, regardless of their blood pressure. Salt and High Blood Pressure Too much ...

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