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Farhana Nisho speaks about relation with rapist Naim

rupcare_farhana nisho2

  Farhana Nisho was exempted from the private TV channel Ekushey TV. He was the head of the channel’s ceremony. Farhana Shabnam Nisho was dismissed from the job on Wednesday by the authority order. However, many Nishore pictures with Nayeem Ashraf, accused in two university student rape cases, have recently become viral through social media. That is why he is ...

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Bengali film ‘Posto’ is doing very well in times of Bahubali-2 fever

rupcare_indian bangla film posto

  In the box office, in front of Bahubali 2, in 4 days, the business of 1 crore was settled. Shibprasad Mukhopadhyay and Nandita Roy’s film, after the release on Friday, has made more than Tk 1 crore in the movie, said Distributor Agency. Even the poster performance is better than the former. On May 12, Soumitra, Jesus, Mimi and ...

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Salman-Katrina together again in Dubai hotel!

rupcare_salman katrina together

  Recently, Katrina shared a picture of her own social account, which speculated on the issue. Seeing the picture that Katrina posted on the side of the former boyfriend Salman Khan, many people think that once more the two are approaching! Ice melting relationship According to someone, it is just Ali Abbas Jafar’s Tiger Zinda Haya. I think Salman-Katrina is ...

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Get relief from acidity during Ramadan


  The month of Ramadan is the month of restraint. The month of learning to keep away from bad things by restraining food But around this month, the festival of festivals takes place in the homes of the dancers of Bengalis. Iftar dish exceeds the variety of food. Various oil staple foods, especially in different places of iftar. Result, gastric ...

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Hindu girl scored top result in Madrasa!

rupcare_madrasa student

  Children of Muslim families usually go to high madrasas or do good results. But it’s like reversal. When all the intolerance of intolerance is going on in the whole of India, a bright spot was created at the time of Prasma Samajal, a student of Khalatpur High Madrasa in Udyanarayanpur, Howrah, West Bengal. In the Secondary Examination of the ...

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Warning: Chikungunya virus spreading in Dhaka rapidly


  Chikungunya is a mosquito-borne viral disease first described during an outbreak in southern Tanzania in 1952. It is an RNA virus that belongs to the alphavirus genus of the family Togaviridae. The name “chikungunya” derives from a word in the Kimakonde language, meaning “to become contorted”, and describes the stooped appearance of sufferers with joint pain (arthralgia). Key facts ...

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Farhana Nisho fired for photo with Banani rapist

rupcare_farhana nisho

  News presenter Farhana Nisho was exempted from the private TV channel Ekushey TV. Farhana Shabnam Nisho was dismissed from the job on Wednesday by the authority order. Head of Human Resources Atiqur Rahman has signed this exemption. Recently, some pictures of Farhana Nisso with Nayeem Ashraf, accused of rape in two university students rape case, spread to social media. ...

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Father drive CNG-Auto with son in arm!

rupcare_cng driver with son

  One hand tightly held auto handle. Two-year-old son, caught in the other hand Suddenly, the mud boy sleeping all day long Father of the year twenty-six is ​​delivering smile to the passengers’ destination. Mohammad Saeed The only earning of the world. Wife in a stroke is a lazy wife. So he carried the boy with a couple of years ...

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Some kitchen tips for cooking fast

rupcare_fast cooking tips

  Although cooking is enjoyable, it is very enjoyable for busy people. Quickly cooked food, they have to run fast and face them. You can cook something appetizing as quickly as you can but cook it faster than before. To know about some techniques. Cooking experts here tell me some great mantras. 1. Due to milk intake many dangers happen. ...

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7 actors who refused bahubali!

rupcare_actors who refused bahubali

  Bahubali ‘the whole world suffering from fever. Now everybody has a name Prabhas in the face of every song. The girls started to dream about Prabhas again. But if it was not done, it would not have been so popular with this Prabhas. Unless Hrithik Rajamouli ‘did’. Then he was seen in the place of Prabhas. Hrithik Roshan of ...

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Love affair – old times and now

rupcare_love then and now

  Over time, the type of love, the story has changed in everything. There is a great difference between the love of the singles in love with the love of the singles. Let’s know some of its samples. 1. In the time the love was ‘hidden’. Knowing someone became ‘news’! Love is always open at once. Without talking to friends ...

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I am not the girl of Banani tragedy: Model Raha

rupcare_model raha

  A Raha-social network victim of the rape of two young girls at Banani’s Reyntory Hotel has been quite embarrassed about the rumor spreading on Facebook, model and actress Raha Tanha Khan. Rape a selfie with rape victim Nayeem Ashraf and pours more ghee into the rumor. In this context, Raha said, ‘Why have such rumors spread? Who do not ...

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Suicidal game responsible for suicide 130 teen girls!

rupcare_suicidal game

  In Russia and its adjoining areas, several teenage suicide news came to the police in the past few months. Police have reported 16 teenage girls suicide in just three months. In such a short time, so many young girls were surprised by the suicide of the police. Investigating officers felt that all these assassinations might not be an isolated ...

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Hair cut according to hair type

rupcare_hair cut

  Depending on the person’s personality, how will the hair cut? Especially women are more aware of this. They have hair cut to enhance hairstyle in many ways. However, most girls are not satisfied with cutting their hair. Hairs cut with the look, but depending on the type of hair, girls will cut hair. The lifestyle website Femina has suggested ...

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Health & beauty benefits of Bay Leaf

rupcare_bay leaf

  Beygepetra does not have any medicinal properties, it also plays a role in the process of transplantation. In this post, there are some extraordinary uses of bayjapara in Ruppanchaya. 1. To remove acne Put 2 cups of water in a pan and cover it with 5 dry teaspoons. Then take off the lid and take two minutes to a ...

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