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Delitious Roshogolla Recipe


  Rosalola is sweet to the life of Bengalis. Needless to say that many people have made this sweet and at home the recipes are different. Today Tamanna Zaman has come up with a recipe that is very easy to make perfect juice. His recipe ranges from being made to chana until the details of each step. Along with this, ...

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This drink will lose your weight without exercise

rupcare_slimming drink

  Are you fighting too much weight? Diet or exercise, can not reduce weight, can not get excess weight, slim and attractive figure like mind? Many do not have time to exercise again, there is no scope for diet. Hey or how to reduce weight? Today, know a great recipe. Make this drink every morning and drink empty stomach. Without ...

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Talk to your wife everyday to keep heart well!

rupcare_talk with wife for better heart

  Want to stay good? Listen to the wife, spend time with her. Due to keeping your heart and heart healthy – talking to a partner. Researchers are advised to take the time out to talk to their wife. If you are tired of returning to the office, or if you feel anxious to go to bed, spend time with ...

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3 types of people who can cheat in love!

rupcare_man who betrays

  The biggest reason for breakup and divorce all over the world is deception. One is trustworthy, the other loves to be unaware of the fact that these events are an unimaginable crack. Fraud or cheating is the one that violates your relationship and breaks credibility. Sadly, the chit is much more visible than you are thinking. One YouGov survey ...

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15 personalities of man that woman likes

rupcare_15 things in man

  A man’s extraordinary personality attracts women intensely. Man’s personality by attracting more people than man’s appearance or money The woman believes in the mind that a person will never hurt her, do not use bad things and she will be safe with such a man. There is no one else as much as the application of a man of ...

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Ananta-Barsha is going to have 2nd baby

rupcare_ananta barsha 2nd baby

  Acting as the heroine of Ananta Jalil, the screenplay Barsha And from the acting to the real life, the stopping of two people has been created. New Guests Coming Into Ananta-Monsoon Family And the arrival of this new guest brings happiness to the whole of the air. The news about Khalidade star couple Ananta Jalil and Afiya Nusrat rainy ...

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Easy home made laban recipe

rupcare_laban recipe

  A glass of lamb to add to life in this summer but will bring calm down. There will not be any trouble to create. Take a quick look at the easy way to make lobang. Materials Mint leaves – 5 table spoons Chef – 1 cup Bit salt – like the taste Chopped cumin powder – 1/4 teaspoon of ...

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Actress Srabanti call her son as brother!

rupcare_actress srabanti with son

  Shabanti, the popular actress of Calcutta, was married to Rajiv Biswas in 2003. With husband Rajiv Biswas, after being divorced, the only child, Abhimanyu Chatterjee, is with Shwanti. Because of the only son, Shabanti often gets the title of news. Recently, a picture of Shravanti with the son Zimuk was viral. There is also a widespread criticism about the ...

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Moushumi-Sani spent 22 years of maried life happily

rupcare_moushumi sani anniversary

  Omar Sani and Moushumi’s wedding anniversary on August 2. 22 years ago they were married on this day of 1995, they were married. This star couple has a son and a daughter. The couple is very happy with their son Faradan and daughter Faiza. On their wedding anniversary, Omar Sani Social Media wrote on Facebook, Today is our wedding ...

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Dilara Zaman on magazine cover photo at age 75!

rupcare_dilara zaman

  Separately, the National Film Award winning actress Dilara Zaman has appeared on the cover of Magazine. There is a lot of discussion going on in the August issue of Lifestyle Magazine ‘Ice Today’. She has been standing in front of the camera in the fashion house Wara Long Kamij, Farzana Shakil’s Mekap, Kundan’s Big Hands, with open hair and ...

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Cucumber keeps disease away from you!


  There are several nutritional components in the body of the body. The price is not too much on him. So if you can eat cucumber regularly, then doctors say that a small and big disease can not be close to the body! That’s not totally wrong, it’s not. Because many studies have found that there are many benefits available ...

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Daily habits that make you obese

rupcare_habits that makes you obese

  When we grew fat, we were all worried. Signs of happy people who are in a bowl – this proverb has no value at all. Reduce the amount of fat in the stomach and we all get up for Dhaka. Stomach fat gives birth to many diseases. Also, stomach fat with little stylish people does not agree. Whatever he ...

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Saif-Kareena’s son Taimur happy in Switzerland

rupcare_saif kareena taimur

  Nabam Taimur, who came to New Delhi for the first time, went abroad. Khanna Family is now enjoying holiday in Switzerland like Kareena-Saif. It’s been heard for 15 days that they will be there. Once a year to go abroad, the tradition of going abroad is very old in the Nawab family. This is not his absence at this ...

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Habits that are bad for beautiful skin

rupcare_avoid for skin

  Along with good we have some bad habit, which we unintentionally follow and it affects our skin. Most of these mistakes are made by women. Beauty conscious women immediately correct these bad habits to get their perfect skin, to get results in handouts. If you have done these things till now, then correct the mistakes now and see the ...

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Purnima will take lectures in Green University

rupcare_purnima teacher

  Now the teacher is the screenplay Purnima. Movies or screen stories are not. In reality, he taught Dilara Hanif Purnima students at the university. You have made a lot of irregularities on the big screen. There is no shortage or stability. But now he is going to be a teacher as students of the Green University’s Basic Course. Purnima ...

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