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Habib divorced with his second wife


  Popular singer and music director Habib Wahid. Although the personal life is a crisis in the world of music he admired. Habib matters relating to marriage, especially with quite embarrassed. After the divorce with first wife Banskhali second daughter married rehanake. The second wife has divorced her. It was a long time tanaparena their family. He was a continuation ...

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Abhishek posts picture of checking Aishwarya’s blood pressure in film set

rupcare_abhishek & aishwarya bp measuring

  Aishwarya Rai Bachchan ill. While shooting, he fell sick. At the moment there is no lack of physicians being forced Abhishek Bachchan took the helm. Aishwarya began to measure the pressure applied to the ears stethhoscope. All of this has been. However, before today nabachara. , “Ravana” sets. Instagram photo of the old shares debut on Friday. Sources, “Aishwarya ...

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What are the problems in same age marriage?

rupcare_same age marriage

  Demi Moore made it okay for younger men to date older women, much to the cheers of women worldwide. It was through her marriage to Ashton Kutcher that the world first heard the term “cougar” (which, whether you like it or not, is here to stay). People like Anna Nicole Smith made marrying a much older man part of ...

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How much Bollywood Actors earn in one day

rupcare_bollywood actors earn in one day

  For an outsider, it may appear that a star or a singer earns his / her living by acting in films and recording songs for films. But one would be surprised at the amount of money that celebs rake in on account of their popularity. Sometimes, the money made from these ‘extracurricular’ activities far exceeds their earnings from their ...

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Just 2 cloves can help you get rid of many health hazards


  Cloves are the dried flower bud of the evergreen tree, Syzygium aromaticum (Eugenia aromatica). While the tree is indigenous to the Maluka Islands of Indonesia, cloves also grow naturally in India, the West Indies, Tanzania, Sri Lanka, Brazil and Madagascar. For over 2,000 years, Indian and Chinese traditional medicine has made extensive use of cloves and clove oil. Arabic ...

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141 dangerous spots of Dhaka City: Be careful


  There was robbed by a sudden rise in the capital of public concern. Despite these incidents, as well as law-enforcing agencies to take strict security concerns. Several areas have been identified in the capital recidivist. Last year, the city’s 141 police spatake robbed and was identified as a recidivist. This is expected to increase further the number of spots. ...

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One rupee saree sell in India!

rupcare_one rupee saree

  Crowds throng Bidar shop that said, “Bring a rupee note, take a saree”. A small cloth shop owner in Bidar, Karnataka is promoting demonetisation with his own prize scheme: for two days since Sunday he has sold sarees at a rupee each, the only condition being that the payment has to be made with a Re.1 note. No coins. ...

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Farooqi-Irfan’s film ‘Doob’ didn’t get censor certificate


  Mostafa Sarwar Farooqi’s ‘dive’ (No Bed of Roses) Bangladesh Film Censor Board banned the film. US magazine Variety said in a report Friday. Why is a ban on the film Variety said Tapan Kumar Ghosh, Managing Director of BFDC, BFDC it does not matter. Is supervised by the Bangladesh Film Censor Board. Farooqi said that the issue of Variety, ...

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Salman will fulfill the dream of world’s most fat woman


  Salman Khan is known for his largeheartedness. The Khan will go an extra length for his fans as he feels that stars and fans are made for each other. Who can forget Adbul Basit from Pakistan, who had arrived in Mumbai for a liver transplant. Salman had met his fan and fulfilled his wish. Now the Khan is set ...

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Shruti Haasan in new love

rupcare_Shruti Haasan

  Although much of southern Bollywood film actress Shruti Haasan is quite popular. Kamal Hassan’s daughter Valentine’s Day was met with an unknown man. Later, however, he was in exile in London actor, which were in love with Shruti Haasan. Sources karsela the person’s name, Michael, one of London’s actor. Although the Italian citizen, Michael, but now resident in London. ...

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How to prevent bad odor of foot


  Smelly feet aren’t fun for anyone, but there is an effective, simple and cheap treatment that you can use at home which will banish foot odour within a week. Medically known as bromodosis, stinky feet are a common year-round problem. The main cause is sweaty feet combined with wearing the same shoes every day. Why feet sweat Anyone can ...

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Muslim dress is most popular in USA

rupcare_muslim dress is popular in usa

  There’s a modest fashion trend happening today; this makes that the Muslim fashion industry is starting to get a place in the fashion industry worldwide. These are seven Muslim fashion designers who are making their way into the dazzling world of fashion. Iman Aldebe Known for her remarkable turban character, Iman Aldebe is not only designing, she is also ...

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Foods You Shouldn’t Eat While Pregnant

rupcare_Foods You Shouldn’t Eat While Pregnant

  Eating well-balanced meals is important at all times, but it is even more essential when you are pregnant. There are essential nutrients, vitamins, and minerals that your developing baby needs. Most foods are safe; however, there are some foods that you should avoid during pregnancy. Raw meat should be avoided during pregnancy Raw Meat: Uncooked seafood and rare or ...

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Madhuri Dixit Spotted Without Makeup: Reveals her real appearance

rupcare_madhuri without makeup

  Nene-housewife became visibly embarrassed. This jaulusahina face to hide his face, he raised his hands before the match. But photographarara reckless. Everyone was so beautiful film heroines. But their beauty became more apparent with the proper make-up. They are always at the front of the camera make-up. Not only that, if you get out of the house was usually ...

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How is Taare Zameen Par Ishan is now


  He could not tell her inner pain. Drawing stood, leaving his mother to go to school do not mind the worst! What he saw was his mother’s picture? The boy’s picture book amkachila day trial. That calculation complexity and the amount of every perversity he could not cope. Fire mad father, belt kasiyechena house several times. Sir, he caught ...

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