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I was never a friend of Humayun’s daughter: Shaon

rupcare_Humayun Ahmed Shaon

  “For a long time, a rumor has been spread consciously to make our people shorter. This picture is sorted in the same way. It has been shown that a girlfriend of Humayun Ahmed’s daughter came to their house. From there to love or to love What a lie it is “Shawon, wife of late novelist Humayun Ahmed, recently spoke ...

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Perfect food for proper child development


  From the first day of birth to six months of age, the baby must be breastfed. Breast milk is enough for the physical and mental development and development of the baby. Apart from breast milk, after six months, the child needs to start extra food. There are several rules required to prepare these foods. In addition to excess food, ...

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Shakib Khan banned by directors’ association!

rupcare_shakib khan banned

  The film director Samak has temporarily banned Shakib Khan. The committee decided to comment on the film director, producer and artists who have been deprived of this hero’s interview on 16 April, in a national daily. On Monday, an emergency meeting of the association was held in the FDC’s office at the director of the film director’s office. In ...

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Potato face pack for glowing skin

rupcare_potato face pack

  Potassium contains vitamin C and vitamin B complex, potassium, magnesium, phosphorus and zinc. All these components work as a natural bleaching agent, and the color of the surface of our skin is light, it does not compare to remove black spots and gives a beautiful brightness on the skin. Advantages of potato in skin care: Black spots on the ...

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Some people trying to create situation like Salman Shah with me

rupcare_shakib khan

  In an interview published in a daily newspaper on April 16, Bangladesh film actor Shakib Khan said, “Since there are no more movies now, the number of unemployed people is also much higher. See the list of director general, many directors. They are chatting with FDC. But how many people are working? In the case of producers, the same ...

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Delicious meat chop recipe

rupcare_meat chop

  Meat chops are the favorite food of many people. Let’s know the easy recipe to make delicious meat chops. Whatever it takes 1 cup boiled potato Cooked meat without 1 cup bone One and a half cups of ginger-garlic paste Half teaspoon hot spicy powder 1 teaspoon kebab spice 3 onions cooked 3 tbsp cottage cheese The bread pie ...

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Heart attack symptoms before one month

rupcare_heart attack symptoms

  The trend of heart attack is increasing day by day. Many young people are also exposed to heart disease. As the level of pollution increases around the world, the more respiratory problems are increasing. At the same time, heart problems. And this is going on with various research works. One study said that one month before the heart attack, ...

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Reduce 10 kg weight with just one formula

rupcare_10 kg wight loss

  Many people think of fat body. How to lose weight. Many did not work using a lot. The weight continues to grow. And it seems the anxiety Now it is time to realize that the end of some of that thought is going to end. So know how you can just drop a 10-kg weight by using a medication. ...

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Just one word can ruin your job interview!


  In addition to the qualifications of the candidates in the job interview, more and more are seen. There are so many words that can be annihilated with the pronunciation of your interview. ‘Always’ I always give mind to work every day – Many people like to say such things before the workers. Good thing to do in mind But ...

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Home remedy for allergy


  There is nothing much to get rid of. Many favorite foods to be excluded from the diet According to the doctor, some people have abnormal reaction after taking some food. For example, allergic reactions can be made from cow’s milk, eggs, nuts, soybean, hilsa, shrimp, insects, boals, sholas, brinjal, pumpkin and kachchas. The skin is hot, and the wheels ...

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Can you recognize this Actor?

rupcare_barun child

  See whether this child of the picture can recognize the boy? The above image is an advertisement. Today Varun Dhawan turned 30 years old. And on this occasion, her childhood image has become viral in social media. Many do not know that this actor played in the adolescent health drink advertisement in his childhood. In the short filmmaker David ...

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Kohli photo scandal on social media!

rupcare_kohli photo scandal

  There is no end to the complaint against Indian cricket captain Virat Kohli. He has been in the discussion for several reasons at different times. Sometimes he has to face criticism in the field, sometimes outside the field. Now he has again created a new phenomenon, looking at the tainted jeans of the IPL conquest of the IPL! Anonymous ...

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Which is the best time for study

rupcare_best time for study

  Many people have questions about what time it can be best spent on studying. And a recent study has been conducted to answer the question. In one report, the Independent reported the matter to the Independent. The best time to study is the end of the day. Researchers said they found out the information in the search. In most ...

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Shiddharth left Alia for Shahrukh’s daughter Suhana

rupcare_suhana & siddharth

  Shahrukh Khan, who is interested in keeping the foot in the future, is also the daughter Suhana. Since then, the whole of Bollywood is looking forward to the big screen. Shahrukh’s daughter Suhana’s Bollywood journey to Bollywood is not as interesting as it is about King Khan’s son Ariyan. In the meantime, on Thursday night, in front of the ...

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Shabnur is physically sick


  Shabnur is one of the most popular heroine of the Dhaka movie, currently in Australia. He has been suffering from thyroid and back pain problems for a long time. Now he is healthy and he is being treated in Australia. His mother Amena Begum and uncle Shahjahan Chowdhury confirmed the matter. Amina Begum said, ‘Shabnur suffers from thyroid problems ...

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