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Shahrukh made on screen romance with Bahubali’s mother

rupcare_rama krishna

  The box office runs a storm like ‘Bahubali’ directed by Rajamouli. The first film has more business than ‘Bahubali 2′. In the south actors and actresses acted. But you know, ‘Bahubali’s mother Shabgamir Shahrukh Khan romances on screen! Shahrukh Khan, who was romantically appearing on screen with his mother, Shabgami, with Bahubali. Photo: Collected 1996 film ‘Chahat’. In contrast ...

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Perfect haircut according to face shape

rupcare_hair cut

  Many people are annoyed to bribe hair cut all the time. So some people want to cut some haircut that people of any age. However, many people do not know that actually we will accept a haircut or a haircut with our shape shapes. Let’s know, how to choose hair cut- Shawless shape Cut the straight banks into the ...

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Model Moon: Who was using expensive porsche car

rupcare_model moon

  Model Zakia Moon Although he was a professional doctor, he kept himself busy with the media. Normally his appearance as a model of different clothes could be seen. Known face on the ramp also And the circle of circus increases in the circle of contact. Zakia Moon, the model of the former Miss Egypt, was introduced by introducing the ...

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Don’t eat potato, if it is like this…

rupcare_potato problem

  All of us know that potatoes are not bad to eat. We already know about the need to keep potatoes in the diet and the wrong idea about the potatoes growing weight, we already know. But in some cases it is better to avoid potatoes. Because in the case of potatoes, the solanine named neurotoxin is made. Which is ...

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Quarrel between couples lengthen relationship!

rupcare_quarrel couples

  Who does not want to stay in touch with the favorite man? He wants his beloved man to be with him throughout his life. To say the ideal relationship, many people understand that without being a quarrel, spending peacefully day after day is peaceful. Those who think that such a thing is their relationship but do not last long. ...

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Eid market is full of strange name dresses!

rupcare_strange eid dress

  The name of the braided dress is ‘Bahubali’. If you want to buy, Murri Murri! Kiranamala, birds or Bagira is not a mastani. Eid garment has been grabbed by the Bahubali 2, Rakhi bondage, boss 2. Whatever the garment, the name of the name is like a scarf. When the market was visited, the frames of birds, kiranmala or ...

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Food should avoid in Sehri and Iftar

rupcare_food should avoid in iftar & sehri

  It is important to maintain our physical strength in this hot summer day. So some unhealthy foods should be avoided. In our day, our eating habits change, we eat sehirry (before sunrise) and during the iftar (after sunset). These two foods are an important part of Rojas. If you want to know about the foods that need to be ...

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Why Mahmudullah showed his bat after century


  Bangladesh beat New Zealand by five wickets in the ICC Champions Trophy last match of the group stages in the last match. The middle-order batsman, Mahmudullah Riyad, played a vital role in batting with five wickets in the match against the Kiwis. He scored the third century in the career. Mahmudullah celebrated a mysterious celebration after blowing a century ...

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Different type of Semolina/Suji Cake in Iftar (with video)


  Everyone likes a little bit of cake cakes. Many cakes are made out of baker’s cakes. If you want to make a little different cake, today’s recipe is for you. Suji cakes can be made with suji and coconut. This cake is slightly different from the ordinary cake. Take a look at the recipe of different delicious suzy cakes. ...

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3 masks to reduce sunburn of face


  In the Western countries, Santadook is very much liked, on the other hand, in our countries and South Asian countries, Santan is known as one of the problems. Besides, harmful ultraviolet ray skin in the sun damages the skin. There is no sound to say ‘healthy tan’. But the good news is that some home-made face masks are released ...

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What happened to Joya after eating wild fruit in childhood!


  Children love to eat chocolate, they have extra interest in sweet foods. But Jaya Ahsan, one of the two actresses of Bangla did not do it. His childhood meal list was quite different. In short, he liked fruits more than cakes and chocolate. In his words, eating fruit was like a drug addict to him. The interesting thing is ...

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Eid fashion trends 2017

rupcare_eid fashion 2017

  After some days the holy Eid ul Fitr In the meantime, in the purchase of Eid clothes, The vendors are also busy trying to meet the needs of the customers. If you are not buying the Eid dress yet, you can know exactly what kind of clothes are going on in the Eid. What kind of clothing has taken ...

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Raj-Subhashree breakups mutually

rupcare_raj subhashree

  Marriage between Raj Chakraborty and Subhashree is not going anymore. The relationship is going broke. Raj himself admitted that. It means that the news of the media that was published in the media of India a few days ago is not entirely true, but it is true that it is true. Raj himself said in an interview in a ...

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Perfect Chicken Dopeyaja recipe

rupcare_chicken dopeyaja

  Does it feel great to have a hot hot nan or leopard in the restaurant, do not you? Many of us cook this meal in the restaurant, but what exactly does the restaurant taste? Look at the cover of the cover, pictures of Farhin Rahman’s Chicken Dopeyaajara. Not showing, absolutely perfect? So, let’s know, this is a great recipe! ...

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Where is Shakib and Bubli now?

rupcare_shakib bubli

  Shakib Khan and Shabnam Bubli, the two most discussed duets of Dhaliud are currently busy. The highlighted pair of Dhalidas, who went for Italy on Wednesday night, The name ‘Rangabaj’, which is on the list of Eid-ul-Fitr’s liberation prospective movie, has already created a lot of interest in Sinnapara. Since the beginning of the film scene, there has been ...

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