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Fairness caused problem in the career of this Actress!

rupcare_fainess causes problem

  The opposite occurred tapasi pannura life events. He is fair, and therefore did not get the chance to do more films! Bollywood actress in such incidents. Normally, skin color is not concerned about the tapasi a day. To be fair to separate does not use any cosmetics. His choice of normal skin rami. Several southern pictures even being fair ...

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Top Miscarriage Causing Foods and Drinks to Avoid in Early Pregnancy


  Do you know about Miscarriage Causing Foods and Drinks that you should Avoid in Early Pregnancy. Here is the list of Top 10 abortion inducing fruits and vegetables for a pregannct women. Raw or cooked consumption of this items in any form may cause threat to your baby. There are also other food items which is beleived to cause ...

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International Celebrities Who Converted to Islam

rupcare_star converted to islam

  Islam is a beautiful religion and according to the Pew Research report is also the fastest growing. It has over the years inspired a number of people to study and even to convert to it. Even celebrities, who have earned global recognition, have seen the beauty of this peaceful religion , eventually converting from other faiths or atheism to ...

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For a happy married life, don’t tell these things to your wife

rupcare_couple at fight

  When I was young, like most teenagers, I could be brash and blunt with little wisdom to guide my words. One particular night, I was out with a group of friends (guys and girls) when a female friend and I started to make fun of each other. The verbal jousting quickly got competitive, even heated. Finally, I said something ...

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Little girl becomes land owner by selling flowers at Shahbagh!

rupcare_little girl land owner

  Shaheed Suhrawardy Udyan under a tree in a plastic garbage spread out over seven years, a small child sleeping in bed with kantha sumaiya. Rupajana grandmother lying beside her granddaughter was trying to rouse a boolean. Last night, the members of the brksamaya granddaughter garden sheds built for the exercise rupajana she slept. Mosquito bite did not sleep well. ...

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Facebook Messenger will STOP working on some mobile phones this week

rupcare_facebook app stop

  THE FACEBOOK Messenger app is set to stop working on a number of older smartphones from as early as this week. While owners of recent iPhone and Android models need not panic, the popular messaging app – which has over a billion monthly active users – will no longer be supported by Windows Phone 8.1 or earlier. Facebook has ...

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Who Is Reason Behind The Baahubali Death Scene


  Well, Baahubali series are one hell of a journey for the cast and crew as well as the audience. Ever since the first part Baahubali: The Beginning has launched, we have been traveled along with them. One should accept that Bahubali: The Conclusion is one such film, that made the audience spend sleepless nights for more than a couple ...

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When a man becomes capable to get married

rupcare_when a man capable for marriage

  A new study suggests that people should get married between the ages of 28 and 32 if they don’t want to get divorced, at least in the first five years. Before we proceed to the explanation: Don’t shoot me if you’re older than that and not married yet. These are just statistics and can in no way account for ...

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Signs and symptoms of kidney disease

rupcare_kidney disease

  Signs and symptoms of chronic kidney disease develop over time if kidney damage progresses slowly. Signs and symptoms of kidney disease may include: Nausea Vomiting Loss of appetite Fatigue and weakness Sleep problems Changes in how much you urinate Decreased mental sharpness Muscle twitches and cramps Swelling of feet and ankles Persistent itching Chest pain, if fluid builds up ...

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Salma is in anger!


  Close-up one a television star, Salma private popular music artists have been angry. Salma complaint informing him published in a live television show poster. Of course, there is more reason to be outraged at the poster for Salma Salma and the Beauty of the posters printed by the image of a small picture of a little-known person has been ...

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Porshi appears as new bride in music video!

rupcare_porshi as new bride

  Sabrina Porshi is a Bangladeshi singer. Sabrina Porshi’s career began when she became 2nd runner up in a Music talent hunt show, Channel i “Khude gaan raj”, in 2008. Porshi’s first song recording was for a movie in 2009 arranged by “Khude Gaan Raj” team. Early life and music background Porshi was born on 30 July to a Muslim ...

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Guinness World Record of largest nail!

rupcare_nail world record

  We have heard different to previous world record. However, I was listening to some exceptional record and world record for the women’s nails! And this woman has. His name is Chris Walton. Chris Walton’s nails seen in the United States? About six meters tall! As the owner of the biggest nail has taken place in the Guinness Book of ...

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Sushmita Sen dancing with her adorable daughter – got viral


  In recent times, the one song that has everybody hooked onto it is Ed Sheeran’s Shape Of You. While some are making its covers and releasing them online others on social media are putting out videos dancing on the chart-buster number. The latest to join the trend is former Miss Universe Sushmita Sen and her daughters Renee and Alisah. ...

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I-Phone will be available in very low price

rupcare_i phone

  If an iPhone in your pocket, like the feeling of the moon. This is not the end of an I-Phone bemoan. Now come the opportunity to spend the disappointment came. Finally, India, Bangladesh and other countries came to the iPhone mobile phone market to catch up with it. As a result, the endeavor is to allow mobile users to ...

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