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Apu will come in January


  APU believes that the news had to return home last November. But it became known that he will return home in January. APU family of faith, according to a source. But to return to where? The heroine of the 004 people left behind Amjad Hossain ‘tomorrow morning’ film landed in the film. The director of the F Manik managed ...

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Actress Shabnur also getting divorce with her husband


  Shabnur secretly married a few months later, her husband came anikake in front of the media. And they seemed happy couples. But there is not going well, or their family lives. What is the evidence of the film’s actress Salma and Sarika sabanurera broken world begins? Sabanura secretly married the 01 of December 8. After the wedding, several have ...

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Sugar and Molasses? Which is better


  Which of the two sugar and molasses-like, answer this question, many say, like sugar. But is it really? Avoid sugar, white and pure, like a gentleman. There is no nobility and the appearance of the syrup. Favourite cinii more so than molasses. Is made from sugar cane juice. The common sugarcane juice or molasses dates with firewood. Have recognized ...

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Why Shakil Khan Leave Cinema


  The film can not be seen on the screen for a long time, “my house is my heaven,” Shakeel Khan famous actor. He is now busy with his own business. After the death of the late actor Salman Shah, Shakeel Khan gave some darsakapriya movies. Then the actor announced his retirement from calaccitrangana unknown reasons. Shakeel, however, are the ...

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Anushka Virat dance at Yuvraj’s wedding


  30 November. Yuvraj Singh’s marriage with Bollywood star Hazel. The Chandigarh. People close to the present. India’s Test captain Virat Kohli matiyechilena dancing the ceremony. Anushka Sharma to Kohli, but there was not. So what was the emptiness. Two days later, the Prince-Hazel married in Goa More dhumadhame. Now married to Hindus. That means a second marriage. This was ...

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Why Model Sarika’s Marriage Ends


  The popular model and actress Sarika marriage divorce rumors spread in the media. No one broke the news sources you want to open mouth gradually becomes clear it. The news was confirmed to the media separation Sarika Mahim Kabir ex-husband. Mahim Kabir said, “The news of the separation of Sarika and I know everyone here. There is nothing new ...

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Aishwarya suicide rumor viral on internet!


  Pratisabanda beauty Aishwarya Rai Bachchan’s latest film “Ae Dil Hai hard” news about the turmoil of the Bachchan family is not unknown to anyone worldwide. The discussion became somewhat subdued after the storm again with Aishwarya Rai. His suicide sparked rumors spread on social media is the media world. “Ae Dil Hai hard” before the release of the film, ...

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Dead man alive in morgue!


  Suddenly, there came someone’s voice from inside the morgue. An unexpected surprise was the sound of a hospital worker. What is it? How is the human voice coming from the Morgue? Someone shouted from inside the morgue are trying to understand a refrigerator. Opening the freezer was, lying naked in a ‘dead’ man from the cold, shaking and trying ...

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Titanic will be back again!


  James Cameron’s “Titanic” movie remember? Built in 1997, thanks to all of the film was well-known scene from the Titanic ship with underwater. The Titanic sank in the Atlantic Ocean 191 yatratei. The cold and drowning accidents are one of the ship’s 500 passengers were killed. Bringing back the taitanikake China. The Titanic made exactly the same design, but ...

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How Aamir lose 25 Kg weight after Dangal!


  How much does nothing for the image to be an actor! It is sometimes coarse to be dry and sometimes vice versa. Aamir Khan’s new film ‘dangala for’ dry out how fat he was, let’s see it. Recently, the outbreak of social yogayogamadhyame ‘dangala: Fat-to-Fit Amir khanasa Transformation in the video. It has been shown how the five months ...

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Yuvraj just got marred


  There were rumors for quite a while, I got married to sit Indian cricketer Yuvraj Singh and model-actress Hazel kica. In the end, it is true, gurudbare Chandigarh on Wednesday night they were married. They were married at a family. After the wedding ceremony, the prince went to seroyani and red turban. And Hazel wearing red lehenga. The fourth ...

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Study in Sweden for free


  Swedish higher education institutions and a variety of scholarships for university study contributes to the Swedish Institute Study Scholarship. Under this scholarship students from different countries, including Bangladesh, a master’s degree can take free of cost. 335 students will be given scholarships. The 201718 academic post-graduate admission notice has been published in Swedish Institute Study Scholarship. Under scholarships in ...

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How to clean a mirror easily


As the mirror is not deleted, bound to have spots. You may have the most expensive liquid on a regular basis to clean the mirror. But having no avail. The spots that remain. And there is no smartness. To clean stains easily mirror the way home. Boldaskai on some aspects of which have been highlighted. Let’s take a glance to ...

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Bappy-Mim secret marriage rumor!


  Gosipe week, took place in local show-biz news meme-Bappi marriage. However, as the baseless rumor that claims the actor Bappi, mimera mother has also not clear. Bappi-meme has secretly married! Even at the beginning of November, at a temple in Kolkata neighborhood, is also reported to have do that tomorrow. The issue is seen as a hero Bappi Chowdhury ...

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