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Is Dev got married

rupcare_dev married

  Yes, there is a marriage. At least the picture proves that. But there is a small twist in the story. What is that? His first film in the production. And let’s set trends in the first film. Dev Chakraborty’s ‘Champ’ productions are made by Dev Deboy is the model Rakmini in this film. Dev’s real life girlfriend too. That ...

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Artificial egg is a rumor: Experts told

rupcare_artificial egg is fake

  Fake egg news has been released for several days in international media. It is known that fake eggs are being found in different places including Dhaka. However, the teachers of the Department of Poultry Science Department at Sher-e-Bangla Agricultural University have called on them to take an egg every day without giving them ears. Md. Anwarul Haque Beg The ...

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BD actor actress who is who’s relative

rupcare_bd actors who who's relative

  Curiosity to know about the favorite star exists among all the audience. These stars, apart from their career, have many relatives in their personal lives. And the extent of the audience’s enthusiasm over their relationship is a bit more. Let’s know how a star’s relative in real life. 1. Actor Razzak’s two sons actor Bapparaj and actor Emperor 2. ...

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How long we have to walk for weight loss

rupcare_walking for weight loss

  Many are worried about their health. Health is going out day by day Do not really understand exactly how long your body will lose your health. Similarly, the doctors admitted in a statement that there is no alternative to stay healthy. The role of walking is very important for controlling blood pressure, controlling blood sugar levels, and weight loss. ...

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Raj will marry Shubhasree soon

rupcare_raj shubhasree

  A few days ago, Shuvashri had already said many things about Joy and Chemistry of Raj’s love to Joy Plus. In a short time everything was inverted! Different news came on Wednesday The breakup of the news. It is said that Raj-Shuvashri has been separated. And Raj Mimi is back with him. Raj denied the matter completely and said, ...

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Shafat’s mother speaks about her son’s crime


  Safat’s mother Nilufar Jasmin, accused of raping two girls in Banani, opened her mouth with the misdeeds of the boy. He said that this condition of son’s son is now on his father’s life. Babai encouraged the boy to do evil work. He said that if the truth is what happened to the two victims, it is also wrong. ...

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Banani rape case victim photo leaked by criminal gang

rupcare_banani rape case

  Two students of rape in Banani, capital of the capital, are not leaving behind the propaganda despite the confession of police and the accused in the court. A fake Facebook account has spread the image of two students. These pictures have been added to offensive comments. Family sources of the victims said that after learning about the video, the ...

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Foods to keep mosquito away


  It was hot, I brought a group of blood with mice. Now they have no work. As a result, you are always walking in the room, sometimes in the verandah. Sometimes biting is biting, so never neck. There is no peace during sleep The two eyelids were the same, and the ears were opened in front of the sunny ...

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Aishwarya again surprises in cannes film festival

rupcare_aishwarya at caanes

  Once again, actress Aishwarya Rai Bachchan made an eye on the Cannes Film Festival A lot of people came and saw the light of thousands of cameras in the ears of red carpet as soon as he woke up, The ear could not overcome the hypocrisy of the blue blue gown designed by Michael Sinchora. He looked like a ...

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When to drink milk – morning or night

rupcare_drinking milk

  Milk is a very useful meal. But what is the right time to drink milk? Morning or night Calcium and protein are available from milk. If there is no discomfort in lactose (milk ingredient), there is no problem with milking. However, if you drink milk for a specific amount of time, the benefits are good. A lifestyle report published ...

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Are you small sized? Here is some solution

rupcare_small size solution

  Those who are less in height, many of them suffer from inferiority. For some low elevation, some people are also affected by personality loss. Naturally, body height does not rise after a certain age. In that case there is no way except to be satisfied with its normal height. But US-style expert Willham Logan reports that, using a number ...

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Namkaran Dadi Reema Lagoo dead

rupcare_rima lagu

  Actress ‘Ma’ Rima Lagu died in heartbreak. Until his death, he was known by the name of Hindi drama Avani’s grandmother’s account. He died on Thursday in a private hospital in Mumbai. He was 59 years old. According to the Times of India, on Wednesday night, suddenly she felt pain in her chest. At that time, he was admitted ...

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How to detect artificial colored watermelon

rupcare_watermellon artificial color

  New watermelon has grown in the market But many people are worried about whether they have been given paints with the help of injection in the watermelon. Recently, under the supervision of Chemistry Department of Chemistry Department of University of Dhaka, Nilufar Nahar developed this method of color diagnosis; Tanahul Islam and Ahsan Habib Khandaker, fourth-year students of the ...

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What women dislikes in man

rupcare_man woman argue

  People will be different, it is normal. But I want to have a beauty in behavior – I The boys have some behavior, which the girls dislike very much. Boldsky, a lifestyle website, has given a list of boys’ topics that dislike girls. Constrain Girls generally dislike the persistent boy If he asks a girl about something, if he ...

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Banani rapist Naim’s photo with many celebrities!

rupcare_rapist naim with many celebrities

  Nayeem Ashraf, one of the accused in the case, lodged in the Banani hotel in Banani, has been accused of filing multiple entertainment films in different parts of the country, social media has spread on Facebook. According to the reports published in various media, Halvi, who was born in a common swimmer, cheated after cheating; Crocodile money is now ...

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