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Marriage cancelled for Roshogolla!


  Many reasons have been heard to break the marriage. Never ask for dowry, or at times food. However, this was the first time that the marriage was broken only after the debate over casualties. The incident happened in the village of Kurmapur in Unnao district of Uttar Pradesh, India. There is a dispute between the two sides regarding rosas. ...

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Soha Ali Khan Pregnant!

rupcare_soha ali khan pregnant

  Timur is going to get a sports coach soon! Who does not know Timur? Saying Tumur Ali Khan, the eldest and smallest member of Pataudi Nawab family The new member will be coming to this family to be his sports partner. Do not think Kareena Kapoor is going to be a mother again. According to the Times of India ...

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Health benefits of eating grapes in summer


  Summer is now in nature. In the meantime, the body fluid is needed most. So during the summer to keep the body well, that we need to eat more foods rich water, which is a part of. You can easily eat grapes and juice with thirst. Such a result is grapes. Because a lot of water to meet the ...

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Some effective use of Ice Cube in beauty care

rupcare_ice cube in skin care

  Icing is a very popular beauty treatment rupacarcaya skin. Beauty experts have been using it for a long time as well as spa and skin treatment. Koreans famous beauty. Koreans use them to study the form of ice. Many beneficial for the skin due to the snow. Resipa beneficial for the skin several ice cubes and let us know. ...

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Some unknown facts of actor Shakib Khan

rupcare_shakib khan

  Shakib Khan was born in Dhaka, Narayanganj district. His father was a government office worker and his mother a homemaker. Shakib Khan claimed that although his father was a government official. Other members of the family of one of the sisters and one brother. His real name Masud Rana. King Khan of Khans of Bollywood film evidence, he claimed ...

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Priyanka loves voice of Azan: Replied to Sonu

rupcare_priyanka loves azan voice

  Non-Muslims. At the sound of the call to prayer every day, why break up? Sonu Nigam challenged. The statement stressed that the debate has been gathered around him. Priyanka Chopra in front of one of the video, netizens replied sonuke enei. Sonu anger, however, was not against the call to prayer. Loudspeakers were playing against the name of religion. ...

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Sabila Nur protested against her fake scandal

rupcare_sabila nur

  A few days ago, a nude video became viral on social media. The 13-minute video, a woman can be seen offensive. The name of this woman’s name is pronounced sabila light. Some video sabilara; Some say it looks like sabilara; Some even said that the video may be the young Mexican teenage porn star. But that does not say ...

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They can’t speak with voice, but with love…

rupcare_love of dumb

  Around the world with the love of writing, drama, and the film does not end the story. Love has become a country of time. The Love Actually society-family, parents, relatives fear of people do not give up, Jibana own. Milan history lovers to overcome the deficiencies of the story is not new. Love also made history with the history ...

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Shakib and Apu’s 9th Marriage Anniversary Today

rupcare_shakib apu and son

  Shakib Khan and Apu Biswas today biyebarsiki ninth. 2008 were married on April 18. This is due to the many readers of various interest biyebarsiki. For a long time nothing was known about their marriage. Apu Biswas recent incident, he Shakeeb wife. They have been married for 9 years ago. And Abraham Khan to win their children. After some ...

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Why you shouldn’t eat Watermelon at night


  On his return home, chop cold watermelon. Whoops, the body was so cool! To change the taste of watermelon juice, salad or cocktail, makatela can run everything. Benefits of not less. Watermelon protect you from summer heat stroke. It contains potassium, vitamin C, beta-carotene, laikopena, 94 percent water. So good for the kidneys and the heart. Not only that, ...

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Can you remember this Bollywood actress! Where is she now?


  2005 ‘Lucky’ Bollywood debut with the film. He has acted in several films. But you can not win the hearts of the audience. Her subsequent films at the box office upon their faces. Bollywood has also acted in several Tamil and Telugu films. ‘Lucky: No Time for Love’ hits, but was unable to create a place to happen in ...

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Onion peel is more expensive than onion itself!

rupcare_onion peel

  What do you do when cutting onions peel? Thinking, onion peels and what can be thrown into the dustbin without? Suijaralyandabasi But if you were thinking you could not forget about that. Peel the onion becomes suddenly played a major role in the festival of Easter Sunday khristadharmabalambidera. Colorful Easter eggs in time to peel an onion instead of ...

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Vegetable beef jhal frezy

rupcare_veg beef jhal frezy

  Like any recipe beef meal is also a great fun. It is a new dimension to the use of vegetables. Ingredient - without bones and fat of beef cut into thin 1 kg - 8 tablespoons of yogurt - 1 teaspoon of turmeric powder - 1 tablespoon chili powder - Two tablespoons of lemon juice - at the two ...

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Some unknown facts of comedy actor Dildar


  Bengali film amyatama large-hearted comedy. He was known as a comedian. Bengali film nothing but a joke given the name of the large-hearted man. 003 died on July 13, an immensely popular man. In the same year received the National Film Award for best actor. Let us know about him is 6 pieces of information: 1. Diladarera born January ...

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Causes of black nail problem

rupcare_black nail

  What your nails slowly being black? If the answer is yes, but it’s not a good thing. This is a complex of symptoms. So do not delay, consult a doctor to avoid complications. Some of the factors related to black toenail lifestyle website boldaskai said. 1. Ripitetibha trauma (hit repeatedly) During the game or the running of a pressure ...

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