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Bollywood stars education level

rupcare_bollywood stars education

  Salman Khan: Salman Khan was admitted to the college after studying at the school of Bandra. But, leave college to build a career in Bollywood. However, he was very talented from the small. The picture is good. Immediately write scripts. Before entering the acting world, he wrote three three scripts of the picture. Kareena Kapoor: Mithibai College, Mumbai, studying ...

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4 ways to relief from constipation in Ramadan


  Constipation is a painful and uncomfortable physical problem. If it is not given importance at first, then it can cause serious diseases such as piles or colon cancer. Usually constipation due to unhealthy foods, unhealthy diet, etc. During fasting, there is a need for constipation due to excessive diarrhea, changes in diet. It is risky for health to eat ...

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Raudha Aathif’s father got married in Rajshahi!


  On Thursday afternoon, in the Rajshahi court, the marriage of the Maldives was recently matched by the notary public and Mohammad Atif, the father of Ruhda Atif, a student of Islami Bank Medical College in Rajshahi. Her lawyer Nurunnahar Labli Ratna said that the name of the bride is Kakalatta (30). He is the daughter of Badiuzzaman of Naohata ...

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21 areas in Dhaka city most risky for Chikungunya: report


  A total of 23 areas in Dhaka city were identified as most risky for Chikungunya disease, according to a report revealed last thursday. Epidemiology, Disease Control and Research (IEDCR) released the report at a meeting on “Doings for prevention of Chikungunya disease” in the Health and Family Welfare Ministry in the capital. The risky areas are: Uttara-4, Uttara-9, Middle ...

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Rani’s daughter Adira first time in front of camera

rupcare_rani's daughter

  Shahrukhuputra Abram, Shahidkanya Misa or Saifina Jumma Timur Another Bollywood star has been added to the list. Rani Mukherjee’s one year old baby girl Adira For one year though, curiosity and reputation among her have already spread like other Bollywood kids. Because, till now no one has seen Adira from close queen without the close of the queen. So, ...

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Pori Moni’s new look in Bahaduri


  Recently, Parineeti Moni started acting in the movie titled ‘Bahaduri’. Simon Sadiq is against him. Fairy tells Facebook to share the look of the movie, its character’s name is corrosion. ‘Bahaduri’ starts shooting at the end of May. At that time he went to the spot and made everyone a sweet face. However, the portrayal of the paragraph began ...

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Sunny wants to keep both wives, but Nasrin wants to be the only one


  Arafat has demanded to divorce Sunny’s first wife, Nasrin said. In the case of Nasrin’s women and children under the Prevention of Torture Prohibition Act, she surrendered before the Metropolitan Sessions Judge’s Court on Wednesday and demanded extension of bail. On this day Nasrin Sultana opposed the bail in the court and said in tears, ‘Arafat Sunny is not ...

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Skin & Hair Care Tips During Fasting in Ramadan

rupcare_skincare in ramadan

  While you are fasting, your body and skin go through many changes and for this reason you need to take special care of your skin. Skin care in Ramadan is very important to have a fresh look all day long so that you do not look wearied out to you family and friends. And, for this, the first few ...

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Study: Marriage is Good For The Heart

rupcare_marriage is good for heart

  Lovelorn singles, that ache in your heart will subside once you get married. Sort of. A study of 3.5 million American adults has found that married people have lower odds of cardiovascular disease than those who are single, divorced or widowed. “Our survey results clearly show that when it comes to cardiovascular disease, marital status really does matter,” Dr. ...

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Jovan, Tamin & Jaki 3 friends are in brothel! Why?

rupcare_3 friends in brothel

  Jovan, Tamim Mridha and Zaki are in Daulatdia’s sex drive since last Tuesday. Three friends have been trapped in Goalanda due to the bus strike. Three people were forced to leave for a hotel at the same time. There is no way. There is no way to go anywhere. So the hotel started cutting time. Where were the three? ...

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It’s my body, I would do whatever I want…

rupcare_sruti hasan

  Shruti Hassan trolled in the social media after lip surgery. Many people said that after surgery, there is a lip-pillow that looks like a crystal lip. The actress replied to the criticism that the actress replied. He said, nobody has the right to talk about his face. Someone does not even say anything about him. In my words, my ...

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Shabnur returning with ‘Pagal Manush’


  After the long intervals, the popular actress Shabnur of Dhaka movie will be seen again on screen. Now he is returning with the ‘crazy man’. It is known that the movie, ‘Pagal Man’, played by Shabnoor, got the clearance from the censor board. Shooting of ‘Crazy Man’ began in June 2011. The following year, on December 29, during the ...

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How is actress Srabonti now…


  Ipsita Shabnam Srabanti Bangladesh’s famous filmmaker Matin Rahman’s ‘Rang Nahin’ made a lot of attention through the film. Although he was very popular in his earlier times, he was very popular. Produced by Impress Telefilm in the late Pranab Bhatt’s film, Sorendamudhur songs of popular music artists from Bangladesh and India were spread out in the face. ‘Color Number’ ...

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Nirob feared in driving along with new born daughter

rupcare_nirob with daughter

  A few days ago, the girl’s father was popular model-actor Nirob. Expressed enthusiasm over the social media. This time he said, to be nervous. Nirob said, taking the girl herself from the hospital herself and returning home. And for the first time driving this car became quite nervous. On Facebook posted a photo on Saturday silent. He wrote in ...

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