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How and where actress Sahara is now

rupcare_actress sahara

  Popular film actress Sahara was launched in the film world through Shahadat Hossain Liton directed ‘Ruki Ratha’. This actress established herself as the first-time heroine in Dhaka’s film industry. His pair with Shakib Khan received the most popularity. In 2004, acting career started. But the start of the road was not smooth. ‘Stand up’ did not fulfill the expectation, ...

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Recent study says, lipstick gives good exam result!

rupcare_lipstick good exam result

  As the girls makeup, such self confidence increases, the results of the test are also good. Researchers from different educational institutions including Harvard University of the United States say so. They identified it as ‘lipstick effect’. The researchers wanted to share the three groups of students and ask them to answer some of the common psychology questions. Before this ...

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Get beautiful neck and shoulder

rupcare_beautiful neck and shoulder

  We are almost excluded from the care of the neck, neck, and surrounding areas, while giving more importance to the face and skin care. As a result, the dirty neck of the face with a beautiful face and skin, which is really incompatible. Therefore, it is a wise work to bring about some changes in the way of life ...

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Naila Nayem sharing banned video on fb page!

rupcare_naila naim fb page

  Naila Naeem A name of the time discussed and criticized. Tire does not even tire so much in his modeling career, but her tone is in the open. And the tide is rolling in her media carrier Although not very much seen in her open-cast drama or movie, social media Facebook is in his open dress picture. These pictures ...

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4 bad things that women dislike in man

rupcare_what woman dislikes in man

  Both men and women have some bad qualities that are bothering the other side. However, this is written by the common man’s four idols which dislike women, its details and ways to solve it. Use mobile phone at intimate moments All women will be annoyed when someone is sending a message to a mobile phone or when talking about ...

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BD actresses are now house wives in USA!

rupcare_actress to housewife

  Family The three letters are related to happiness and sorrow, laughter and tears. Someone is happy or someone is sad by the family. And this is the only life. There is some demand in the life of the family, there is something available. Never met, never again. But it does not stop because of life. Life is going forward ...

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Parineeti’s beauty secret is in just 15 minutes


  Among the famous actresses whose skin is very nice, among them the first row is ‘Paraniati Chopra’. He is very much appreciated about his skin and body structure. This extraordinary woman believes that it is possible to create something extraordinary even in ordinary people. That is why he followed every 15-minute skinquare routine with a lot of enthusiasm. In ...

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Easy ceiling fan cleaning method

rupcare_cleaning fan

  The fan is one of the things that needs to be cleaned regularly. The fan is very quickly dirty. So it needs to be cleaned regularly. Cleaning the fan is quite a hassle and time-consuming. Tell me so much time in this life! But if it is possible to clean the fan fan in one second, how do you ...

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Married in stubbornness, divorced also in that!

rupcare_shokh sharika

  Actress Sarika and hobby Both of them start their career in near times Started in 2006. In the very short time they took notice of all the time. Meanwhile, while working at the showbiz, the identity of the hobby and the scam There is a very good friendship at a time, among them. The quality of the day goes ...

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Mashrafe’s daughter with Kolkata artists

rupcare_mashrafee daughter

  Mashrafe Bin Mortaza has won the ‘Best Bangali 2017′ award at ABP Ananda Television Channel of Kolkata, as recognition for his outstanding contributions to cricket. The captain of Bangladesh ODI team took the award of the best Bangalee in the sporting ceremony on Saturday. On receiving the award, daughter Humayra Mortaza also attended the stage with her. Many people ...

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Cautions in first 3 months of pregnancy

rupcare_caution in pregnancy

  Although not quite understood, but the first three months of pregnancy seem to be very witch near any mother. The news of the arrival of the new creates a new mother’s life. Not only for the mother, this time is also considered as important for the child. So awareness needs to be done. Since childhood is the first stage, ...

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Subarna Mustafa speaks regarding 2nd marriage

rupcare_subarna mustafa

  Subarna Mustafa She is a well-known actress in Bangladesh. Well, well known, besides him, he is in the acting world and the audience is in a respectable place. When he stepped into acting, he used to read the ninth grade. Before that, in the early stage, he came in the hands of his mother in the radio drama. Then ...

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Know your health condition with tongue-spoon test

rupcare_tounge test

  This test must be done in an empty stomach just after sleeping. Water can not be eaten. So take a look at this simple test method with spoon- 1. A tea-spoon will rub on his tongue with a few drops. So that the spoon is completely wiped red. 2. Put it in a plastic bag and keep it in ...

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Hair falling down? Solution is near hand!

rupcare_hair fall solution within hand

  Hair fall is now our national problem! And its solution is regular care. It is possible to solve the problem of hair removal with the complete natural and available ingredients. These are very easy to make, the ingredients are at our fingertips, even in the kitchen! Today, you are going to share some anti-hair masks that will reduce hair ...

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Mithila seen with Apurba after her divorce!

rupcare_mithila apurba

  Last week the topic of discussion was that the divorced star couple Tahsan and Mithila divorced. Mehsana’s 11-year marriage with Tahsan ended in May last May. But both of them kept the matter secret. Recently, after publishing some online embarrassing news, Taasan-Mithila announced the separation on Facebook. Their fans did not take good care of them. There was a ...

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