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Importance of Kabin


  According to Muslim family law, marriage is an important document for registration or Kabinanama groom and bride. Kabinanama without registration or marriage becomes difficult to prove. As a result, women are the most likely to be cheated. Dower, maintenance, determining inheritance, guardianship, etc., the demand for child marriage or marriage registration trial court Kabinanama is considered a legal document. ...

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Divorce of 2016


  ♦ Saba Murad Love for three months, after her parents to marry without approval. After a hiatus of nearly a decade together, the actress and filmmaker Murad Parvez couple Sohana Saba. They were different from last year’s September. March is the legal process of their separation. The couple is now two and a half year old son vowels. ♦ ...

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Lose weight in just 15 days


  Lean, slender body does not want. But few get the opportunity to look at the busy period of his body. On the fast-food. It will take body fat. That’s it! Sahalei the onset of the problem. Excess body fat around the fly’s sleep at night. Jim has been the key to weight loss daiyetim. But the result did not ...

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Virat-Anushka Engagement is on Sunday!


  Virat Kohli and Anushka Sharma in the first day of the new year is going to be engaged? So speculation has been made. Narendra Nagar Ananda spa deharadunera to be held on the news. Deharadune already reached the members of the two families. Amitabh Bachchan and his wife were at the beginning Anil ambanirao. As a result, large-Anushka seems ...

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Marriage of 2016


  ►► held in the first week, I got married and Anika ventricle Alamgir Kabir hobby. They were married on January 7 at Dhaka’s parlor. Nadia married and Naeem ►► 16 January. Gulshan Club is their post-nuptial reception. This is the second wife Nadia. 008 was his marriage to model-actor Monir Khan Shimul. In 015 of them are divorced. ►► ...

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How many cup of tea should I drink a day

woman with tea

  Those who do not like tea at all, they sip a cup of tea twice a day, at least one-handed. But quite how many cups of tea a day should eat their tea-lovers? Or how many cups of tea should be limited? Samajikabhabei or extracts from the chemical reaction, however, does not answer the question. Did extensive research to ...

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Moghlai Paratha Recipe Video


  Mogalai paratha. Indeed, the name of the hearing was tempting? Normal. Asarai tongue of water. Do not gone anywhere simply slipped out of the house or purchased from the store, who does not love to eat these foods? We all love to eat mogalai too. But just how the food store or restaurant that creates, not many people can ...

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Don’t mess up with girls of these zodiac


  When angry, and when they got their heads in anger’ve got, difficult to say. Therefore, according to western astrology, this sign’s location is well-ghamtanoi. It is not just a task ghamtano girls. Bankim women are more sensitive about the “half full book,” Be not see, but they are totally into adisaktira meeting. Joy Goswami’s poetry is followed by anger, ...

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Finally Dev told about his relation with Rukmini


  Rukmini ally of his lover! Many believe he can not keep it! Some of the statements in this relationship with the truth-god rukminira temporary, as was the case Ganguly Das. Some say love is tasa-! The new film ‘Champ’ so that good business at the box office, so why punish rukmini ally of the news being made! These debates ...

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What you’ll do if partner don’t want child

Unhappy Couple 2

  For many of us decided to have children is a little sahajai. But others took more time to make up their minds. Many children will never do again, insisting they are sitting. So when your child is 30 years old and you want to take, but then you do not want your life partner? A woman trapped in such ...

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Today’s Horoscope 25-12-16


  Sagittarius (23 Nov – 21 Dec) To buy new household appliances will cost a lot of money. Foreign organization or individual will deal with some of them. Good entertainment and romance. Give her more time. Good journey far away. CAPRICORN (22 Dec – 20 Jan) Look for a new job matches. Health can not be too much of a ...

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Dark underarm solution with potato


  Due to the use of excessive sweating in the armpit or lower dioderanta becomes black spots. The potato juice can stain. However, to get a good result with the lemon juice, turmeric powder and mix cucumber juice. How to create and use this pack boldaskai have been advised about the lifestyle section of the website. Take a look at ...

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New Secret of Saif & Karishma


  Kareena’s sister Karisma Kapoor title while the news came out. Timur aunt has a picture of a storm on social networks. but why? Kareena Kapoor’s new guest house, Timur. Taimurake debated since the birth of the son. Why was the name of the son, the question of the storm. Kareena has been speculation about the child. Kareena is now ...

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Egg pack for bright skin in just 20 minutes


  Egg protein expression dark skin and smooth away one bright moment. You can put directly on your skin egg white. In addition, you can create a pack with egg yolk. But according to the skin type, use the yolk pack. Homameidamaska ​​in this case, you can take a look at the suggestions. Under the skin, egg yolk, which would ...

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Amrita’s reaction on Saif-Kareena Son


  Saif Ali Khan’s second wife, do not. She was mother recently. Saif’s father, however, was not the first time. The first party with his wife, son and daughter Amrita. They were much bigger. After the birth of Timur received congratulatory messages from different sources Saif and Kareena. But do not be born after the first quarter saiphera wife Amrita ...

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