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How Apu Islam doing fasting in Ramadan

rupcare_how apu islam do fasting

  One of the names mentioned in the year 2017 is Apu Biswas. Not only the film, this heroine has been debated with various issues of personal life. It is said that when he was married to Shakib Khan, he secretly took Islam to Islam. Later, his name was Apu Islam Khan. Apu Biswas said that the fasting of the ...

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Get Australian citizenship in just 12 months!


  Australia was always at the top of the choice for immigrants. Recently, a few international surveys show that Australia’s cities are the most loved and loved by people all over the world. The main reasons for the choice are Australia, always the best in terms of peace, discipline, social security, environment, jobs, costs, communication, education and medical standards. Those ...

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Shakib will receive best actor of the year in Kolkata


  Shakib Khan is flying in West Bengal today to receive the prize for the award of the year at the 16th Telecine Award in Calcutta. There will be prizes given tomorrow. The lifetime honors will be given to Razzak, the hero of Bangladesh in the same ceremony. Besides, Ayub Bachchu, Habib Wahid and Kana from Bangladesh and Nusrat Faria ...

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Jaisuriya embarrassed with viral video

rupcare_jaisuriya viral

  Sri Lanka’s former captain Sanath Jayasuriya suddenly sneaked into a secret video leaked to the whole world of cricket. That’s a secret video with a former girlfriend. The former Sri Lankan skipper will be uncomfortable in front of the video. Currently he is one of Sri Lanka’s Cricket Selectors Committee members. An influential official from the Sri Lankan Cricket ...

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Please leave Salman for me: Katrina

rupcare_salman katrina

  Katrina’s love with Salman Khan is not unknown. But that’s a long time ago. Salman Luliya Vantoor and Katrina Ranbir Kapoor after being divorced about love Their relationship was not good at the end. Katrina has long lost to Ranbir. But the end of Lulia’s relationship with Salman is still not clear yet. Katrina has already talked about releasing ...

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3 Funny Jokes

rupcare_funny jokes

  Two girls quarrel on the bus Two girls are quarreling with sitting in the bus seat- Conductors: What’s the matter, why are you quarreling? Between those of you who are older, sit and sit. What else? Both of them were standing all the way. Had to eat with a turnover New-son-in-law will be in-laws! A precious Saint took the ...

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Apu reveals Chemistry between Shakib & Bubli

rupcare_apu shakib bubli

  At a function in ATN Bangla, Apu Biswas said some open words about chemistry between her husband Shakib Khan and Bubbal. In the presentation of actor and presenter Shahriar Nazim, the concept of ‘Sense of Humor’ is already finished. Today it will be broadcast on Saturday night. But before that social media has become viral part of it. In ...

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Get rid of double chin with some exercise


    When the fat begins to accumulate in the body, the cheeks begin to accumulate fats in the mouth along with the mouth, which can be seen as double china. Again, without the excess weight of many, the mouth and throat place is heavy and swollen. This double chain looks spoil the looks. Both men and women are facing ...

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Tamarind drink for Iftar peace

rupcare_tamarind drink

  Organic food is going on in the month of Ramadan. But keep in mind, if you want nutritious and healthy food in Iftar this hot and long day. Experts say that iftar is more productive than frightening, intelligent work. So, during the month of Ramadan, the fruits of various fruits will be highlighted for the readers. Know today’s about ...

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Japanese secret of attractive figure and long life

rupcare_japanese secret

  Comparatively, the Japanese are long-term. Not only that, Japanese skin is more beautiful and tender than people of other countries. Even the fat in the body is not found anywhere! Their lifestyle is behind their good health. Japaneseers follow some rules that help them get beautiful skin and interesting figure. 1. Get Green Tea Green tea contains plenty of ...

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Home made recipe for perfect Yogurt

rupcare_yogurt in iftar

  A sweet confectionery is a very simple way to eat Bengali food. At any festival or even after a meal every day, I used to think a little about sweetening. Many people regularly eat yogurt regarding good health. In the Ramadan, instead of Bhojapora, iftar is also kept in the iftar. We know this food can be made at ...

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Reasons why you shouldn’t believe social media photo

rupcare_fake social media photo

  A great photographer behind the famous and great photo of the amazing creativity and patience of the photographer. But the availability of technology in the modern era probably made the photographer’s job much easier. Not only that, many people post pictures of themselves, posting great pictures. Everyone has become a photographer for the benefit of the social media. But ...

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Priyanka again in criticism with selfie


  Bollywood actress Priyanka Chopra has again made a debate in the new controversy. In Berlin, Narendra Modi posted a picture of a foot on the feet of a short dress beside Modi, a few days before the social media faced a severe criticism of a section. After that, in Berlin, another selfie picked up again and again. The controversial ...

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Sunny Leone survives from a serious accident

rupcare_sunny leone

  Bollywood actress Sunny Leone has returned from the face of a terrible plane accident. Her husband, Daniel Weber, and other members of the troop came back. Sunny himself published a video on social media and told the horrible situation. Sunny Leone, however, said that everyone is unhurt. Sunny Leone wrote on Twitter yesterday that thanks to God we all ...

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Things that reducing your youth


  Some of our practices are responsible for reading the age-old impression in appearance. These bad habits are taking advantage of external beauty along with our inside. Your body does not just burn, it also destroys the beauty of your face. You are so much older than the age that you look However, if you take a few minor mistakes, ...

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