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Finally actress Apu got recognition from her husband actor Shakib

rupcare_shakib apu son relation

&nbsp Finally, the mask opened speculation. Apu got her husband’s identity. That’s APU-shocked fans were expecting. Shakib ganamadhyamake cell phones on Tuesday said the actress APU my wife and my son Abraham. Apuke misleading anyone tried to plot against me. Now our relationship is normal. Yesterday I talked to a lot of anger in the media. ‘Actor Shakib Khan told ...

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Home treatment for acidity


  Most of the time due to the summer diet khadyarasikai’ve suffered this kind of trouble. However, the disease does not afflict only the elderly. Bayasidera cuts less spread of the disease has increased remarkably. Multiple case studies have shown that the majority of adults aged 30-50 with chronic acidity of the problem. In the summer or hot spicy meal ...

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Shakib with his son Abraham viral on social media

rupcare_shakib with son

  Shakib Khan and Apu Biswas social midiyajure now just discussed. The issue is a little more involved in the discussion and criticism. On Monday evening social media, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram is a photo spread. Shakib Khan Joy Abraham’s bosom is seen in the film. However, Apu Biswas mobile phone has spread beyond the image. However, you do not know ...

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I will take responsibility of my son not Apu: Shakib

rupcare_shakib apu and son

  Film actor Shakib Khan Apu Biswas agreed to marry. Khan, the son of Abraham, also confessed to win. The private TV channels directly at Apu Biswas married and the child’s speech on the occasion, he was upset. Apu Biswas held the hand of his relationship with Shakeeb reported, he was busy sariracarcaya shocked a city hotel. From there, he ...

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I am Shakib’s real wife, we have a son

rupcare_shakib apu son

  Shakeeb actor went up to her friendship with the film Apu Biswas said. They have a son. A private television channel on Monday, he said. Apu Biswas said, 2008 were married on April 18. Shakeeb was married to this at home. The wedding was attended by close family members. APU Islam marriage is his name. Shakeeb they were, so ...

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Home treatment for nail fungus

rupcare_nail fungus treatment

  Toe nail fungus infection, the brittle nails are a problem. The nail colors can be damaged. If the infection is greatly increased, toe nails separate from the nail bed to be. Severe pain in the feet and is odor. The doctor will take a very bad condition. However, some domestic much of this problem can be solved by using ...

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Natural remedy for preventing heart attack after 30


  Do you eat more fried foods? The continued indiscriminate drinking and smoking. The office is to wake up in the middle of the night? Well, this article is written for you. If you continue to unhealthy lifestyles because of the cholesterol, then another from a heart attack, stroke, and increases the risk of fatal disease. If you do not ...

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Some incredible Facts About Left-Handed People

rupcare_left handed

  Is there some particular thing to follow in order to become a left-handed person?-This question is asked very often and is extremely amusing for everyone. Medicine as science couldn’t give a specific reason for that, but in several studies it was explained that it appears because of the connection between the genes and environment. When we talk about the ...

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Some exclusive rare childhood photos of Sunny Leone

rupcare_sunny leone childhood pics

  Former porn star Sunny Leone Bollywood now. So he is always in discussion. The curiosity of the fans is not the end. Sunny Leone recently found some pictures from childhood until the young woman. The film, along with her parents and other members of his family. Growing up in his father’s lap, her images are ranked from small to ...

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Right time for marriage

rupcare_right time for marriage

  Someone passed none of the 30 twenties. Others feel even suffer the upper forties. As a result, there was a big problem in the marriage. As a result, many people think the ideal age to get married, the question arises, how or what to say about science? A recent US study showed ucaha University professor Nicholas H. ulaphingara, the ...

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Different types of Ilish recipes for Pohela Boishakh


  The food fish that goes beyond any of the dishes taste. There is satisfaction in full of the flavors of the pair. Otherwise, leave it during the whole fish? Typically, you can make a difference, however, do a little cooking. Take a quick look at the recipe, so the different flavors of Hilsa. Hilsa salt roast Ingredients: 24 pieces ...

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How much sleep do I need? Know the age wise sleep requirements


  The most important way to stay physically and mentally healthy enough sleep. With the growing increase in the current laiphastaile stress the importance of sleep. But most people in the world suffer from lack of sleep. In general, experts say the overall need to sleep 8 hours a day for recovery. But sleep is not equal at all. While ...

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Make your Pohela Boishakh looks very special


  April came back around the year. Bengali New Year to welcome the souls of the fair, giving priority to the red-and-white garb turn. Starting from the shopping streets, the crowd at the mall. For the April festival of Bengali life. Panta fish, red, white and gold, and a new self panjabite everyone gets back. The new colorful cushions can ...

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The 1200 Calorie Meal Plan for a Healthy Weight Loss

rupcare_1200 cal diet for weight loss

  When it comes to weight loss, most of us are trapped in the vicious cycle of failed diet plans where we start dieting and exercising with great enthusiasm. Suddenly somewhere in the middle of the road we lose interest and determination and give up to the tempting call of butter paneer, biryani, daal makhani and rasmalai. And the few ...

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Natural Homemade Sunscreen


  Most sunscreens contain toxic ingredients or endocrine disrupting chemicals that in many cases may actually promote skin cancer growth and free radical production in the body. In fact, in the years since sunscreen use began, skin cancer rates have actually risen, and a 2007 document from the FDA stated that: “The FDA is not aware of data demonstrating that ...

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