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Get perfect hip and thigh easily

rupcare_hip and thigh exercise

  With the improvement of technology in the present age, the amount of physical labor has decreased greatly. Sport, walking on foot – it has been closed long ago. Sit on him and sit for a long time in the car park. With this condition uncontrolled eating and drinking, our body’s fitness is going to stand where it is not ...

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Tinni coming back again with Sajal

rupcare_sajal tinni

  Hriday Dhruv Shabshetri Datta Thinni So there is no need to introduce new readers to the new one. He was once regular in acting but is no longer there. Due to various reasons played away from Diane. His innumerable fans are waiting for when he returns to Tinni. They ended their waiting. Terni has returned to acting with romantic ...

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Different skin care tips for different skin type

rupcare_different tips for different skin

  Different types of people, different skin. Someone is normal, somebody else is dry or someone else oily. As the skin is different, its care should also be different. Another type of skin care can be fatal reactions. Let’s take a look at some of the symptoms of the skin according to the type of skin. Normal skin care The ...

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How these actresses ruin their career only for love!

rupcare_career ruins due to love

  They came in the media with a lot of faith. Do regular work. They came regularly to act in faith. In the words, there is a connotation of matter in the argument, in the belief. Acting in that sense, Srabasti Datta Tinni, Mojeja Ashraf Monalisa, Sarika Sabrina, took place in the heart of millions of devotees. But in the ...

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Different eating habits according to zodiac sign

rupcare_food habit according to zodiac sign

  We are all people Our choices are different from each other. But do we have any matches in our diet? Not at all. If you look at it, someone will love to eat biriyani, and no Chinese food. Many people like to eat boiled vegetables without barking. Why do people change the choice of food by the people. This ...

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After 20 years some unknown photo of Princess Diana revealed

rupcare_princess diana

  Two decades have passed, Princess Diana’s fame has not yet faded. On August 31, Diana died 20 years of age, while publishing some photos from her personal album, Prince William and Prince Harry. Diana sweet with two princesses, these pictures have never been released before. Prince William’s childhood pictures show his son Prince George. Princes Diana with Prince William ...

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Don’t make him friend even by mistake!

rupcare_don't make him friend by mistake

  ‘Please tell your friend’s friends if they do not accept the proposals of this person’s friendship. He is a hacker and he is associated with your Facebook profile. If any of your Facebook friends are friends with this person Along with that, your account will also be hacked. Tell your friend about this news. - A warning is spreading ...

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3 exercise to reduce belly fat

rupcare_belly fat reducing exercise

  One of the main obstacles in stomach fat is to keep body fit. It is seen in many parts of the body that there is no fat in it, but fat stomach is destroying the entire fitness system. Meanwhile, the food is not fully functioning even after controlling food. In fact, in addition to food control, some exercises should ...

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They are both heroine of father & son!

rupcare_heroine of father and son

  Coming to acting, many actresses have acted as their father’s heroine. But at the end of time, they also made the heroine with their boys. Because the role of acting can not be tied to the age of five Bollywood beauties. They have acted against Bollywood actors and both parents. Let’s know the name of those heroines. Madhuri Dixit: ...

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Apu angry on divorce news with Shakib

rupcare_shakib apu divorce

  Popular film actor Apu Islam Khan (Apu Biswas) expressed anger over the news published in a media about divorce of Shakib Khan. His claim, the news was made. A Bangladeshi portal by publishing a report titled ‘Apu Biswas’ will be divorced on Tuesday, titled ‘Aapu Biswas’. In view of this, he telephoned some of the first news news portals ...

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Things to do for prevention of breast cancer

rupcare_breast cancer prevention

  Nowadays, breast cancer has become a common disease for women. As soon as the name of the disease is heard, the women are shocked. New research has shown that breast cancer can be the most important role of cancer in women after lung cancer. Breast cancer can also infect men. But in the women it is seen more than ...

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Dighi: From a little girl to adult

rupcare_dighi adult

  Bangladesh Film Journalists Association (Bachasas) election was held on July 21 (Friday) at the National Press Club. The voting ceremony of general voters started from two in the afternoon. The child actress Dighi came to the venue and came to the polling station. As soon as the camera’s flash was flooding. Because the little lighthouse is no longer small. ...

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Shakib-Apu’s son Joy has 1 lac 26 thousand fans on Instagram!

rupcare_Shakib Apu's son abraham

  As far as Apu was openly public, as far as the discussion was concerned, the same talk about Shakib-Apu’s son, Abraham Khan Joy. Younger Khan Khan has become quite a topic in social media. Facebook has hundreds of IDs in the name of winning Outside of all this is known to other news. Instagram also has an account in ...

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Having child in old age…

rupcare_child bearing in old age

  Due to carrier, due to childhood or delaying the child for some reason, whatever is happening nowadays, it is very normal for a first time to be pregnant at a little older age. But yes, if the first pregnancy is higher then the risk is more than ten. All kinds of problems arise due to unexpected abortions, child development, ...

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Shakib’s safety pin mystery reveals

rupcare_shakib's safety pin

  Shakib’s ears from the night with SafeTipin Social Media Sargaram A song from the film ‘Ahankar’ directed by Shahadat Hossain Liton is released on the last night. It is seen in the singing that Rabat with Bubali is usually superstar Shakib Khan. Shankar Hussain Liton, the creator of the arrogant, said to Kaler Kantho, Shakib Khan did it by ...

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