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Apu angry on divorce news with Shakib

rupcare_shakib apu divorce

  Popular film actor Apu Islam Khan (Apu Biswas) expressed anger over the news published in a media about divorce of Shakib Khan. His claim, the news was made. A Bangladeshi portal by publishing a report titled ‘Apu Biswas’ will be divorced on Tuesday, titled ‘Aapu Biswas’. In view of this, he telephoned some of the first news news portals ...

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Things to do for prevention of breast cancer

rupcare_breast cancer prevention

  Nowadays, breast cancer has become a common disease for women. As soon as the name of the disease is heard, the women are shocked. New research has shown that breast cancer can be the most important role of cancer in women after lung cancer. Breast cancer can also infect men. But in the women it is seen more than ...

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Dighi: From a little girl to adult

rupcare_dighi adult

  Bangladesh Film Journalists Association (Bachasas) election was held on July 21 (Friday) at the National Press Club. The voting ceremony of general voters started from two in the afternoon. The child actress Dighi came to the venue and came to the polling station. As soon as the camera’s flash was flooding. Because the little lighthouse is no longer small. ...

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Shakib-Apu’s son Joy has 1 lac 26 thousand fans on Instagram!

rupcare_Shakib Apu's son abraham

  As far as Apu was openly public, as far as the discussion was concerned, the same talk about Shakib-Apu’s son, Abraham Khan Joy. Younger Khan Khan has become quite a topic in social media. Facebook has hundreds of IDs in the name of winning Outside of all this is known to other news. Instagram also has an account in ...

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Having child in old age…

rupcare_child bearing in old age

  Due to carrier, due to childhood or delaying the child for some reason, whatever is happening nowadays, it is very normal for a first time to be pregnant at a little older age. But yes, if the first pregnancy is higher then the risk is more than ten. All kinds of problems arise due to unexpected abortions, child development, ...

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Shakib’s safety pin mystery reveals

rupcare_shakib's safety pin

  Shakib’s ears from the night with SafeTipin Social Media Sargaram A song from the film ‘Ahankar’ directed by Shahadat Hossain Liton is released on the last night. It is seen in the singing that Rabat with Bubali is usually superstar Shakib Khan. Shankar Hussain Liton, the creator of the arrogant, said to Kaler Kantho, Shakib Khan did it by ...

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What type of husband girls want now a days…

rupcare_what type of groom girls want

  No matter how much work you have, the wife should come down to the office every morning. Apart from this, there should be a mentality in performing house-to-house work, such as market and cooking, to perform the same duty with the wife. Otherwise, but the bride will not get on the forehead. And the jute, the bustle will not ...

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Weight loss tips after cesarean

rupcare_weight loss after c section

  It is a difficult time for a woman to have a baby. But when he took his newborn baby in his arms, all his troubles disappeared. But the next weight of pregnancy is not easily reduced. Especially in Caesarean, it takes a lot of time to reduce belly fat and go back to the previous condition and it is ...

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6 foods that lose weight by reducing hunger

rupcare_weight loss food

  Is hunger just body feeling? definitely no. A delicious meal comes before our eyes, but we want to eat. Healthy appetite is good for health. But the desire to hunger or eat is not good at all. Increased hunger includes unhealthy lifestyle, stress, anxiety, depression and various mental factors. Suddenly, your weight has started to grow. Do you know ...

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2 natural ways of quick hair growth

rupcare_hair growth quickly

  Due to the absence of dust, weather, sunlight and proper care, hair loss is severe. Hair follicles become permanently damaged. As a result, the decrease in hair growth decreases dramatically. And the rate of hair growth increases very much. For this reason hair becomes thin and absolutely lifeless. But the beauty of dense, black and long hair is all ...

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Jokes: Hotel bill of Mantu’s father

rupcare_hotel jokes

  Montu has visited a neighboring country to invite his friend to a friend. But the ‘friend’s’ address was fake. In the crisis, one day in the hotel, the next day, the way of returning to the country. I’m so sorry But by the departure of the hotel manager, the bill showed that the sky fell head over the head; ...

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What is child artist Dighi doing now…


  Film or advertising, away from two worlds, one time popular child artist Prayer Faradin Dighi It was heard that he was returning to Varanasi as a heroine or not. But later this procession did not get the truth. In 2012, the motion picture ‘The Speed’ was the last act of Dighi. Recently he told a media about how he ...

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Do you know how much poisonous apple seeds is?

rupcare_apple seed poison

  Nutrient quality apple is very high in the food, but this apple seed has hidden itself into poison. Because of that, the rules of eating apple stems and seeds are common. The doctors said that apple seeds contain amigadaline seeds. Which produces cyanide in our body by contact with the emission. Cyanide mixed with sugar in the body becomes ...

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How this house-wife got over 9 lacs fb followers!

rupcare_9 lacs follower in fb

  He is not a famous celebrity. On the screen or in the television serial, he is not seen in the movie. He is not part of politics or in any social movement. Facebook page is never seen as a small business! However, the number of followers on Facebook has exceeded 9 million! Not only that, with the update of ...

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Peya Bipasha speaks up regarding allegations against her

rupcare_peya bipasha speaks regarding rumor1

  Serious allegations of rape against him in Banani accused of domestic violence against Paribag Safat Saleh Chowdhury and his contact with Carlos, the singer Habib Rehan biyebicchedera background or with Bipasha Pia! In response to these allegations, the model-actress opened her mouth to a news media. Crying Pia Bipasha He was very proud of the press. Everyone has just ...

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