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Shahid Kapoor and Mira Rajput blessed with baby girl


  Shahid Kapoor and wife Mira Rajput became proud parents to their first child, a baby girl. As the news broke and thereafter the new father Shahid himself took to Twitter to announce the news, the B-town biggies too took to their social media to congratulate the new parents. In the list of best wishes falls tweets from Karan Johar, ...

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Schoolgirl trapped for 17 hours pulled ALIVE from Italian earthquake


  This is the dramatic moment a little girl was pulled alive from the rubble of the “apocalyptic” Italian earthquake that has killed at least 250 people. Hundreds more are still missing after the 6.2 magnitude quake struck early on Wednesday morning – splitting towns and villages in two and destroying medieval buildings. Dozens of children are among the dead ...

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Kashmiri Tea Recipe- Pink Tea – Gulapi Cha Recipe Step By Step

rupcare_kashmiri tea

  Learn how to make Kashmiri chai at home step by step. Kashmiri chai is also known as noon chai, pink chai and gulabi chai. It’s a traditional tea from Kashmir. It is a part of Kashmiri culture to drink this beverage 2−3 times a day with traditional Kashmiri breads and pastries like lavasa, sheermal, kandir tchot, bakarkhani and kulcha. ...

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Chinese Hakka Noodle Recipe


  An all time favourite! Noodles tossed with garlic and vegetables or any other ingredients of your choice like mushrooms etc. This celebrated Chinese dish gets its name from the Chinese province of Hakka. It is very quick and easy to make and perfect to serve with a gravy of your choice. . . Ingredients For The Chilli Oil 1/4 ...

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Actress Popy Married to a Fan

rupcare_popy marriage

  Sadika Parvin Popy commonly known as Popy is a Bangladeshi movie actress and model who has performed in numerous Bangladeshi films. She was born and brought up in Khulna city. She has won three national film awards for Best Actress. Popy debuted in Amar Ghor Amar Behesht, a movie directed by Shohanur Rahman Shohan, released in 1997. Shakil Khan ...

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Best Home Remedies for Urinary Tract Infection (UTI) Symptoms


  Taking an antibiotic isn’t the only way to get over symptoms of a urinary tract infection. In fact, some remedies don’t require a prescription — and they can be done right at home in addition to any treatment your doctor has recommended. But be cautious with do-it-yourself home solutions, and check in with your doctor before trying a new ...

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Why lice are being used to treat hair loss in Dubai?

rupcare_lice for preventing hair loss

  Following claims that beauty salons have been selling lice to treat hair loss, Dubai Municipality officials denied the practice in salons across the emirate. Social media posts have lately circulated around the benefits of using lice to help treat hair loss and increase growth. Women have allegedly been going to salon owners to buy lice, with claims that the ...

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The First Letter Of Your Name Shows Your Personality

rupcare_name with personality

  ‘A’- You are not romantic but practical. You always achieve your goals when set. You are not patient and you do not react fast to others even when they were sweet and polite. You are attractive, polite, open mined and have a serious personality. You always need your partner’s support and full courage to be able to stay with ...

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Steps you should take in case of an LPG cylinder gas leak

rupcare_gas cylinder leak

  Commonly used in our everyday lives, LPG cylinders are something most of us wouldn’t be able to cook without. But these harmless looking cylinders can actually be dangerous. Known to cause horrific mishaps, LPG cylinders can leak and cause severe damage to both your health and property. In this post we answer all your health and safety related queries ...

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Chemistry of Ananta and Barsha in This Eid


  Ananta and Barsha, the power-couple of the Bangladeshi film industry, are renowned for their on-screen chemistry and hard work to bring about improvements in the cinematic arts. Ananta was introduced to the film industry right after he started dating Barsha. With his first movie “Khoj: The Search” he changed the landscape of Bengali Cinema. The couple dated for a ...

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What Happen to Your Body When Stop Taking Birth Control Pills

rupcare_what happens if birth control pills off

  You’re probably well versed in all the changes that can happen when you go on the Pill (lighter periods, fewer cramps, hopefully no pregnancy scares, etc.). But what about when you go off of it? Whether you’re ditching birth control to get pregnant or just because you don’t need it right now, you’re probably curious about any changes that ...

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Man Carried Wife’s Body 10 Km

rupcare_wife dead body

  It’s an image that will haunt India for many days. In one of the country’s poorest districts in Odisha, a man walked 10 km with his wife’s body on his shoulder, his weeping 12-year-old daughter by his side. Dana Majhi had no vehicle to take home his wife’s body after she died of tuberculosis at a government hospital in ...

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Today’s Horoscope 25-08-16

rupcare_horoscope 25-08-16

  Stressful energy from the cosmos can turn our day inside out if we’re resistant to the lessons we need to learn. However, emotional conflicts also fuel personal growth if we’re willing to keep an open mind. The Moon’s visit to interactive Gemini encourages communication but her hard aspects indicate we must face an unpleasant truth. Meanwhile, an awkward Venus-Uranus ...

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Easy makeup tips for the hot weather

rupcare_summer makeup guide

  Whether it’s for an everyday look or a special occasion, keep your makeup looking fresh and pretty in the summer heat with these tips from MAC Cosmetics senior artist Caroline Donnelly. 1. Start with primer. For long-lasting coverage, as well as that all-important sun protection, start your makeup routine with an SPF-infused primer. “When the sun heats up, we ...

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Meanings of Different Types of Handshake


  One thing I’ve learned while doing business in Real Estate is you can tell a lot about someones character simply by how they shake your hand. Extroverts have firm confident grips while shy people and neurotics tend to shake hands softly and gently. There are many types of handshakes you will come across every day, here are a few: ...

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