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Medical Tests You Should Do Before Marriage


  For most people, the joy of finding true love and deciding to go into matrimony with a spouse usually knows no bound. However, most people enter into this lifelong union without adequate knowledge of their partner’s health status and so become disappointed and frustrated with marriage because of medical conditions that could have been identified and tackled before this ...

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Home Made Day Whitening Cream


  Everyone wants smooth and even-toned skin. Sun spots, freckles, birthmarks and other discolorations can be difficult to cover with makeup, but the skin-lightening creams sold in department stores can be extremely expensive. To save some cash, make skin-lightening cream at home with inexpensive ingredients from your kitchen. Things You’ll Need 1 ½ cups plain organic yogurt 3 or 4 ...

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“I Have Been Craving Karela”: Kareena Kapoors Pregnancy Diet


  As Kareena Kapoor enters into her journey to an imminent motherhood she went candid about her enriching experience and all things associated to her diet and pregnancy. Kareena Kapoor Khan broke her silence and answered all that was asked by the leading nutrition and wellness expert Rujuta Diwekar in an online talk. The one hour long talk was released ...

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Ordinary boy marry a french girl via facebook!


  Facebook, Twitter and Instagram have become the new online matchmakers. Amravati resident Gaurav Parise became acquainted with a French woman, Ophelie Roberro, on Facebook. Love bloomed and now they are married. Gaurav Parise is a resident of Shivnagar and works in an animation firm in Pune. Ophelie Roberro, a French citizen who hails from Evian Les Bains city, works ...

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BTRC complaint number for facebook harassment


  BTRC will take immediate action to online harassment on social networks using victims’ name and images and running obscene pages with the intent of harassment. The commission will take punitive actions within 24 hours after a complaint has been filed for online harassment or criminal activities. The perpetrator will be brought to justice within three days after the complaint ...

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Nearly 40 percent of young, unmarried Japanese people are virgin!


  The rumors of Japan’s shrinking and aging population have not been exaggerated at all, it seems. Struggling to develop countermeasures, the Japanese cabinet commissioned a survey of men and women in their 20s and 30s, asking them various questions about marriage. Unfortunately, it looks like the results of the survey probably weren’t what the government was hoping to find… ...

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People are JEALOUS of Beautiful Katrina Kaif’s success!


  Ram Gopal Varma supports Katrina Kaif after she was awarded the Smita Patil Memorial Award for her contribution to Cinema. We revealed to you a few days back how Katrina Kaif was going to be awarded the Smita Patil Memorial Award for her contributions to the Hindi film industry. Since then, people have been protesting this choice. Many people ...

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Shakib given a cinema ticket to his die hard fan!


  One of Shakib Khan’s fan was disappointing by not having ticket of Shakib’s latest film Bossgiri. She gave a Facebook status of not having the ticket. Shkakib noticed her status. After that he has given a ticket to her fan. Isn’t it amazing!

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This ONE Habit Creates Better Behaved Children


  Raising children in today’s hectic society comes with a lot more challenges than it did just 20 or 30 years ago; we now have more demanding jobs, constant distractions with our phones and other technology, and just busier lives in general. Somewhere in the mix, parents have to rear their children, and disciplining them is a huge part of ...

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The 13 countries with the most powerful passports


  If you have citizenship in Sweden, you have a great deal of travelling power — Swedes can fly to 158 countries without ever showing a visa. This makes international travel cheaper and easier than it is for citizens of many other countries, like those of Afghanistan, who can only enter 24 countries without a visa. The stark differences are ...

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Jiah Khan’s suicide staged: Says British expert


  In a new twist to the three-year-old Jiah Khan case, a British forensic expert has claimed that the Ghajini star’s suicide was staged, Times of India reports. Sanjay Dutt’s next to feature child suicide bombers in Afghanistan Jason James, the expert hired by Jiah’s mother, has revealed that the new reports contradict those by Indian experts. Jiah’s mother Rabia ...

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A place where 60 years old woman looks like 30!


  The life expectancy of the average Westerner is about 70 years. The life expectancy of the average Hunza falls onto a different scale altogether – these people reach both physical and intellectual maturity at the venerable age of one hundred! This fact emphasizes the relative nature of what we refer to as normal. As we’ll see a little later ...

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Change 7 Habits to Be a Happy Couples


  Having a great relationship instead of a bad one isn’t just the luck of the draw. Couples who have great relationships are always looking for ways to grow and improve their connection. They view things from a growth perspective. Here are seven common situations in which really happy couples see things just a bit differently from unhappy couples — ...

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