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Weight loss is a quite painful task. As fast weight increases, so much weight can not be reduced. How many diet, how much exercise and how much to lose weight! How much food does not eat for weight loss There are some foods that should not be consumed at all during weight loss. Today’s feature is the name of some such food.

1. Potato chips and french fries
If you want to lose weight, stop eating your favorite Potato Chips and French fries today. Fried potato chips contain high calories, fat that increases blood sugar and insulin. One study found that one ounce potato chips increased by 1.69 pounds. If you like potatoes, potatoes can be cooked instead of chips.

2. Diet Soda
This work is almost done for everyone to lose weight. But do you know the diet sodium artificial sugar is increasing your weight? A journal published in the American Geriatrics Society in 2015, that the fat of the stomach of those who drink diet soda has tripled, and in nine years they drink ordinary soda. This raises the risk of diabetes, heart disease.

3. The bread
Potato is one of the most important foods but it has no nutritional value. It contains a lot of sugar which increases the amount of your appetite. Those who eat a lot of regular bread, they lose their weight within 12 years.

4. Salad dressing
Many people eat salad for weight loss. But the commercial salad dressing used in this salad helps you increase your weight. It contains lots of fat and calories. Some salad dressings have nuts, raisins, which increase weight.

5. Packet fruit juice
Fresh fruit rubs contain plenty of nutrients which give energy to the body. But in the market packet fruit, there are components called Fructose, which increase weight. Mainly the artificial fruit juice in the market is a mixture of sugar, water and chemical compounds. So instead of market fruit juice, practice eating fresh fruit juices.

6. Low Fat Food
Studies have shown that those who eat low fat foods eat more than 30% of the excess food. Because fat is removed from foods made in low fat, it also reduces the taste of food. Because of which they have been eating food repeatedly.