Bad comments on Cricketer’s page by some nasty users

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The number of Facebook users of Bangladesh is increasing and it is increasing. Increasingly, the arrival of people with distorted mentality in the virtual world. They have been able to open a fake ID after one and implement their plans. Even if a young woman is raped, they excuse clothing; In spite of being a victim of rape, the child is looking for an excuse to blame the girl. Going to almost every public post and public group pages, they make comments about ‘dress’ in obscene language. Even the cricketer’s page!

On 23 May, the world’s all-rounder Shakib Al Hasan posted a photo of his wife, along with daughter Alaina on her Verifier Facebook account. Immediately began to complain about Umesh Shishir! A person who can not write a spell and starts writing advice on ‘screen’. Then Shakib posted another photo. That is a bad comment and the storm of thunder! So far 702 comments have been read in the second post. Most of which are ineligible to print!

But interestingly, those who are giving so much advice on clothing, many of them are seen visiting the profile, they have liked some of the distorted thought pages. There are many obsolete pages from 18+ pages in the list of likes! So everyone made a bad comment? Not at all. In the post, many commented against people with distorted mentality. Many people have also avoided seeing them. Because, because of the comments, maybe those people can attack him on the street physically! And those who are protesting, they are very brave.

Even after the government made so harsh statements about the use of Facebook, these distorted mindsets remained untouched. Increasingly their violence is increasing. Last year, a storm of criticism of the cricketer Nasir Hossain’s film in the film was a storm in the whole country. Even the captain Mashrafe has been showing off his Facebook page in Bangladesh for a couple of days! Before that, Test captain Mushfiqur Rahim had to face such a situation. No, Shakib did not make any complaint. He probably just has a sigh!

These were the words of the cricketers; General Facebook users are in worse condition. In particular, girls are being attacked virtually by these perverted people. They are so distorted that never will they talk about the change of their views! Rather, they will cover their crimes by imposing all the wrongdoing on women. Another distraught person will be encouraged to hit the woman! Whether it is in the real world or virtual!