Bad sleeping styles that causes weight gain & aging

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Of course it is always better to keep our body needs adequate sleep. The lack of sleep from the head to the body of the impact. In particular, the root cause of headache sleep disruptions occur.

7 to 9 hours of sleep per day in a row. Many people can not sleep properly at 6 hours. For that reason, the body becomes weak. A variety of sleep problems can be seen also in the body over again. How can I sleep leads to body weight, let’s get to know itself

1. How do you head to the pillow while sleeping?
Good for resting your body straight. I sleep the sleep of 30 degrees in turn is good for the digestive tract. But many people with sleep fell over on his stomach. The pressure on the face of the pillow. Which is harmful for the skin. Shaw can be seen in the face of the rally.

2. Sleeping leaning on his stomach?
Sleep is a problem with the pressure on the stomach digest. Effect on the skin. It would seem that your age is increasing. Considering the age of the people in the face of our country. Once you lose the beauty of appearance, they are given the title of older people.
Pillow while sleeping face down or face to face with the pressure increases wrinkles. It will increase your age. So down to sleep, do not sleep.