Bahubali 2 Earned 350 Crores Before Release!






It seems ‘Bahubali 2’ makers have sought some inspiration from ‘Kabali’ and are working very hard on the promotions. Yes, they are marketing their movie extremely well for generating extra revenues and I’d say they’re making a fruitful endeavor.
Owing to staggering efforts put in by them, there are reports that the movie has done a great business before release. Isn’t that what every film-maker dreams for? Ah!

According to reports, ‘Baahubali 2’ has minted a whopping sum of 350 crores before release itself, through satellite and theatrical rights. Moreover, the makers have signed other deals too. They have truly been inspired from ‘Kabali’ that minted 225 crores before release.

Recent reports say that through Kerala theatrical rights, the film earned around 10.50 crores, thereby surpassing ‘Kabali’ which earned 7.50 crores.
Then come the Tamil Nadu theatrical rights which were brought for a whopping 55 crores. However, the Telangana and Andhra rights which haven’t been sold yet are reported to earn a total of 100 crores.

It is expected that Hindi theatrical rights would be sold for a huge 120 crores. This is all about theatrical rights; there are other deals too such as brand association and sale of merchandise, which are yet to be discussed.
Latest reports say that Bahubali 2’s overseas rights for all 3 languages are sold for 52 crores, isn’t that amazing?