Banana for belly fat reduction

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Many people think that eating bananas increases weight. But experts say, bananas in various ways help reduce weight. There are plenty of potassium in fruit or fruits that are available throughout the year. The banana body can prevent swelling and swelling. So, those who want to reduce belly fat can put bananas in the diet.

There are all types of Vitamin B, including colin in the colon. It prevents the body fat accumulation. Especially, you can eat bananas regularly to reduce stomach fat. Those who are accustomed to junk food, they can eat bananas to leave this habit. When you want to eat such foods, then eating bananas will cure hunger, and nutrition can also be found. The banana helps in the production of essential bacteria in the stomach so that food is easily digested. Due to lack of proper digestion, the weight increases.

However, the banana juice that will help reduce the stomach fat, it will take some ingredients to make it.

1) Banana – 1
2) Aadura powder – 2 tablespoons
3) Yogurt – half cup
4) Fluxid-1 table spoon

Mix all the ingredients together and blend them in blender. Blend until it becomes refined like a sarabat. Drink this mixture a glass of quantity every morning before breakfast. You can also eat only these snacks without breakfast. But take the advice of the doctor in this case.