BD Actor Nirob’s Bollywood film “Satan’s” trailer released





Bollywood last year, ‘Bala’ is a Hindi name of the actor starred in silence. But the name has been changed to ‘Satan’. Thursday (5 January), G have been exposed to the music company’s official YouTube channel of the trailer.
Nirabake style can be seen in the horror film based on true events in the Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) official role. He is fighting trailer. There are romantic scenes.

Hindi film’s first trailer was released exuberant silent. He said, “My career is one of the additions to work in Bollywood. There has been a new experience, learned a lot. I hope, will respond to the chabipremidera horror film. ”
Silence is the role of the woman in the picture poem radhesyama Indian actress. Psychologists can be seen starring Pakistani actress Meera Khan. In addition, nanajiya played amita, Asif basara, Yours Acharya, child, baby Tasmania. “Sayatana-wrote the story and screenplay” location location ghante krorakhyata director Faisal Saif May.
Samir Khan, was shot sayatana of Bangalore, India, Kolar, cikamagulura, tumuratuku, maisura, kendetti, banagarapete. Faith Pictures produced the film is expected to be released soon.