BD actresses are now house wives in USA!

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Family The three letters are related to happiness and sorrow, laughter and tears. Someone is happy or someone is sad by the family. And this is the only life. There is some demand in the life of the family, there is something available. Never met, never again. But it does not stop because of life. Life is going forward with many dreams.

To survive, there is a need for livelihood. So everyone becomes busy like that. However, with the world of its own leaving their place of work and being busy with the world, only one of the popular stars of the time. They are actress Romana, Bindu, Nafiza and Priya Doyes. They started their career with acting but later they became ‘Full Time Parliamentary’. He has left the acting, along with his own country also left. Today, this special event is organized in America with the festoon community.

Romana Khan: Popular actress Romana Khan. Currently living in America Living permanently in New York Nothing is known about whether or not to return to the country. Last year, married Bangladeshi expatriates and businessman Alin Rahman was married. Romana has been standing there with her husband since then The popular actress is happy after marriage. And it is understood to be seen on its Facebook profile. Romana has no contact with friends in the country because of her presence in New York. Not only that, after the marriage, he left the acting with the announcement. He became busy with the life of his family.

Afsana Ara Bindu: Buxu started his acting career with a Lux-Channel I Superstar contestant. Although he was the first runner up there. Humayun Ahmed’s ‘Cinnamon Island’ was the commercial success of the first film of the point. He gradually gained fame as a model and presenter. After that, ‘Jago’ is also another business footprint. Dot worked in numerous popular telefilms, plays, modeling and advertising sculptures. Her latest acting ‘Eto Prem’ movie was released on March 13, 2015. But on October 24, 2014, America’s exiled Asif Salahuddin got married to Malik. Since then, three could not be regular in acting. He left the media with his announcement. The husband is now busy with the family in America, now the point is busy.

Nafisa Jahan: Nafiza Jahan from the name of the Lux Channel i Superstar. In the drama and telephilm, it proves to be a busy star. However, he left the country in mid-2013, leaving America in the US. After six months, Nafiza returned to the country, Hantagaina did some work again in the United States. Nafisa married musician SI Tutul and actress Tania Ahmed’s nephew Dip. However, he himself was criticized by the news of marriage, because they lived together in the United States. While working in the media, while the body was aware, Nafiza became quite healthy when she was studying abroad and cheating abroad. It is understood that he is absent in the media for a long time. She is not returning to acting again. In total, he is busy with the buzzing family in America.

Priya Diaz: A known face of the TV drama of Priya Diaz and Tony Diaz Bangladesh. They have been away from acting for many years. Not only that away but this couple is currently leaving the country in America. Daisy married in love with ‘February 14, 2001’. Their only daughter ‘Ahana’ is good in studies. She now finishes middle class from a local school. When Tony Doyes entered Facebook, he found that he regularly uploaded photos. Different times in different places of the United States differentiated the family photographs. Smiling by seeing their pictures, it is understood that this couple is very good. Recently, Priya came to the country after five years. Go back three weeks later.

Finally, they are a good actress, but their quality is now in the world. In the same way they acted in the same way, mind is busy in the world. Maybe they will never come back in acting.