BD man saves Italian girl from thugs


The girl was alone and stopped by 25 people. Then started kuprastaba and insulting him with a rhetoric. At that time, the shop owner Alamgir came to the spot. Chased like a hero. The 25-year-old girl was rescued. Then eat and drink, take pictures. Finally he handed flowers in his hands.

This florist is not Alamgir but the hero of Bangladesh film. And the incident is not about any Bengali movie. The incident happened in Italy.

The Italian woman named Gaia Guantaneta He loves to fly in Florence’s Oligli and to take pictures at night. And the name of the protagonist, Hossein Alamgir, was revealed in the role of the hero The 58-year-old man lives in Italy since 2005. Sell ​​flowers for livelihood.

At the night of the incident, in the Piazza delera of Florence, 25 young men and women in the street fighting Guaranatta. They said to the young girl, ‘Come on with us. Unlike 25 people, you are alone. Your night with us will be very good. We will give you so much happiness that you have never received in life. ‘
They did not agree to their proposal, and they also abused Guaraniatta. He tried to flee but could not. He seemed helpless to himself. At that time Alamgir Bangladesh came to the scene.

Gaya Guarantha posted Alamgir’s photo on Facebook on October 15, describing the incident. And in the role of heroes in Italy, Alamgir’s story spread throughout the world, the media of Daily Mail