Be cautious of eating cucumber


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It is hot. Cucumber growing demand. But the little bujhesune eat cucumbers. Cikitsakarai says. Cucumbers means easily digestible. That’s the idea. But the cucumbers could happen in great danger! Modern medical science has come up with new research data such concern.

A recent study, bitter cucumber hiding among terrible poison. Which can be a heart attack or kidney failure.
Bitter cucumber danger
Eat cucumbers bitter dangerous. Toxic because it means bitter cucumber, cucumbers, eating more toxic dehydration can be a problem. Abnormal body weight may be reduced. Sasaya have plenty of vitamin C. Excess vitamin C can damage cells.

Sasaya is much more than the amount of potassium. Cucumbers can increase the amount of potassium in the body. From which abdominal pain, bowel disease, and kidney can be affected. Sasaya nearly 90 percent share of water. Increasing the amount of water balance in the body is wasted. Digestion process is disrupted.
So cucumbers Khan modest. Bitter cucumber omitted part of the day.
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